Top Ten Worst Things That Could Happen Involving School

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21 No days off

I don't think the parents would even allow this. some parents would agree but most would burn down the school

Absolute hell would break out. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

I would burn down the school and then run away to do whatever I want. - Captaincrunch2015

I would break the fire alarm, drop a match to the floor, run out of the school and say "So long, suckers! " and then I would start singing "My Getaway" by T-Boz.

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22 Osama bin Laden visits

Osama is dead you idiots!

Hello there, welcome to Plane-Flying 101.

Zombie Osama bin Laden.

This is Bin Laden's class, we will teach you how to hijack planes and give people nightmares!

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23 Your teacher is a Big Brother contestant

Haven't about 50 contestants on these shows lied about being teachers? - Turkeyasylum

24 Being forced to learn while an earthquake, hurricane, tornado, tsunami, asteroid crash, and nuclear attack are happening at the same time

That is going to happen in hell

And don't forget the Flood

25 Having to go to school on saturday

I am almost always locked in the house on Saturday so it is impossible for me - Captaincrunch2015

I have classes of piano and karate on the weekends, so this wouldn't matter.

Yes I would hate that

I can't go to school on Sabbath (I'm SDA)

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26 Tsunami

Once at my school some of my friends were out about the japan tsunami.

Luckily my school is not near the ocean - SirSkeletorThe3rd

When I Was In Science Class We Had To Watch A Tsunami Video That Happend In Japan And If That Would Happen To My School I Would Run And Survived

I would like a tornado but a tunsami no way Dude.

27 Your teacher makes you watch big brother for homework

Seriously? Be happy it isn't math! My teacher once said watch Pokemon that's your homework I honestly love that show

I'd rather have five tons of math, thank you.

Teacher- I have an assignment for you. Don't worry it's not math. It's where you should watch these three Big Brother episodes and write a five paragraph essay on why I was evicted first. Due Wednesday.
Everyone- Aww... - Turkeyasylum

28 A bomb goes off
29 A rat would eat your teacher
30 Uniforms become required

Based on what kids wear at my school, I WISH we had uniforms. The girls are always wearing booty shorts, halter tops, and flip-flops! And even worse, at some angles, it looks like they aren't wearing shorts! When we get to middle school (yes, I'm still in elementary) we can't have no straps or bikini straps and, pants have to AT LEAST be at your fingertips. Yea, I'm excited for middle school! - kaitlynrad11

We have to wear uniforms in India...

A kid at my school made fun of this because not just your uniform but everything you bring into the school has to be from the school even your underwear I was like what? - Captaincrunch2015

Uniforms are better than stupid ugly booty shorts. - Spottedrain

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31 A tiger kills your teacher

I doubt this would happen unless your school was in a remote forest in India - Seddeu

32 You have to do an assignment on Big Brother
33 A quiz or test every day

The entire school would go nuts.

Me: I got the answers
Everyone else: yay!
Me: this is gonna be easy
Teacher: is that the answers I see
Me: NEIN - Captaincrunch2015

34 Someone using an axe to tear down the school

If someone brings an axe. Then he will demolish the school and you might have to run.

An axe? My school is made of concrete

I don't think an axe will tear down a school but that person will badly damage it. It would be scary though.

I would be his assistant because I use firecrackers to blow up the classrooms - Captaincrunch2015

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35 A tornado and a fire at the same time

The fire would be flying in the tornado. - Spirtfall

Run the frick away from the school and record on phone what happens to teacher. - Captaincrunch2015

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36 Hitler visits

Last I checked, Hitler was dead.

Hitler is dead morons!

I don't want to talk about it

He's dead but wouldn't he just go into a class talking about jews and rant about how they are evil - Spottedrain

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37 Your desk would get broken by a bully

Usually the school would have a ton of spares. - Entranced98

38 Being expelled

I really don't see the point in suspending and expelling children sure they'll get punished and it goes on their record but guess what they're out of school - JellyBean2000

Schools are kind of stupid suspending people. Cause the person in trouble gets to relax for like a week (unless your parents make you do chores everyday)

One guy said bad words to the head of the school he got expelled for three weeks. - 111Donlijo3436

Someone I knew got suspended for 1 day for kissing a boy, it was only primary school and I think primary schools are trying to kill off love - Harri666

I don't care if I get expelled but my parents would be angry

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39 Detentions

No, anything but detention! - Pegasister12

40 Grades K to 12 must be in the same school

Kindergarteners would be mixed in with high school bullies. - SammySpore

Well, that's my school. The good thing about that is we have a greater place to roam. - Animefan12

My school is pre-k to 8th and I don't mind

That's my school.

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