Top Ten Worst Things That Could Happen Involving School

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41 Chris Brown comes to your school and sings

Don't let him beat my wife. She's a teacher!

I would jump up on stage with him.

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42 You have a sneeze out in class and there's no tissues to clean up all the snot

Once in first grade I sneezed on my fuzzy pink sweater. The tissue box was empty and the teacher was demonstrating something, my nose was so stuffed up. So I covered my nose and asked the teacher if I could go to the bathroom, she said yes, and I ran to the bathroom to clean my nose with toilet paper. SNEEZERS BEWARE! - Catacorn

That would just suck. there's no way I'm touching anything with my gross snot-covered hands.

Then your teacher comes and goes "Why aren't you doing your work, Joseph! "Then you go chase her like a running, snot-covered zombie.

That could totally happen to me! - JellyBean2000

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43 Someone turns the school on you

I always use my squad to destroy my enemies

I turned the entire 5th grade on a dude before. Trust me it wasn't pretty for the dude. - Captaincrunch2015

44 A bully brings a dynamite into class
45 Sitting next to a bully

Bully: hey idiot! *throws paper*
Me: teacher! Can I sit next to my friend?
Teacher: no! Stay there!
Me: worst day ever

This is my predicament. I hope December saves us, yay! I don't hate you, Thanksgiving, but my luck has not been good in November.

Every time a bully comes around an epic FAIL happens because once I made him fall off his chair - Captaincrunch2015

I hate this and when you sit next to them they treat you like you have ebola

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46 Tsunami

Once at my school some of my friends were out about the japan tsunami.

Luckily my school is not near the ocean - SirSkeletorThe3rd

When I Was In Science Class We Had To Watch A Tsunami Video That Happend In Japan And If That Would Happen To My School I Would Run And Survived

I would like a tornado but a tunsami no way Dude.

47 Everyone is forced to take a completely impossible math test V 2 Comments
48 Teachers can hit students again

I think this needs to happen again. After all parents these days are pansys when it comes to their children. Someone needs to displine them, and teachers are most attentive & are with them most of their time anyways.

No I'm not saying they should go back to where if they are using the left hand they'll get slapped. But they shouldn't be completely helpless to students acting up when they are there to get an education. Sending them is not fixing any problem, as like I said nowadays parents don't f-ing parent.

I know a kid whose in MIDDLE SCHOOL who has missed 90% of his school, makes fun of girls, makes noises when his in the office, acts innopropreate everywhere, doesn't listen, gets into others business, and still gets EVERYTHING he wants. He's going to end up dead/locked up in prison & beaten up everyday of his life sadly

Kids in my class are REALLY immature, when the teacher says "no talking" everyone screams and throws stuff at each other then they wonder why they get detention. >.> - Spottedrain

I would beat up the teacher with their own belt.

FAZBEAR RETURNS - Captaincrunch2015

What does this have to do with Freddy Fazbear?!

49 A bully hits your classmate
50 Get raped by a teacher

I like how this is number 69 - DatIrishman

This happened with a fellow 7th grade girl and the crazy gym teacher now he is fired VICTORY DANCE - Captaincrunch2015

Number 40, guys? Below Justin Bieber singing? Wow...

I like the idea of the whole student/teacher fanfics, and I don't mind the lemons but that is going too far ott.

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51 Every student gets detention

If your a bad student: normal.
If your a good and well behaved student: horrible.

Sorry, I trashed the detention room. - Captaincrunch2015

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52 A boner during a school assembly

Again, keep your boner out of public!

This happened to me, but I handled it pretty well. When it was time to stand up, I told my friend to stand in front of me and I quickly adjusted it upwards. It could have ended badly if I didn't have a bro who had my back though.

I got one next to my girlfriend in class while wearing SWEATPANTS... Oh boy. Everyone was looking, so I couldn't hide it... And worse. She asked for a HUG.

Luckily, I just arched over and gave her one...

I'm a girl :D - Spottedrain

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53 Your teacher is a pedophile

I heard that my social studies teacher was called a pedophile before. I thank that's true because he doesn't make the girls do anything when they do something wrong. Even if it's very serious. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

There is always 1 in every school (and it's not always a male)

Most of the male teachers in my school are gay/act gay

My biology teacher touches us very strangely

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54 You get suspended for talking

Someone got suspended for talking smack to a teacher and then later he got in a fight with a student... - Captaincrunch2015

I got In big trouble for looking at a friend. - AnonymousChick

I don't think that would happen. Unless you talk about really inappropriate stuff.

55 A mean girl kidnaps you
56 Ceiling falls in

That happened to my school! Twice- in one semester! Luckily both times were on weekends.

Someone threw a football and the ceiling cracked. - Captaincrunch2015

57 Your archenemy's parent becomes a teacher

This really nasty girl who stalked me in the playground had a mother who was a teacher. The teacher was actually very nice, but her daughter was probably Hitler in disguise.. - Spottedrain

Already happened to me. :( But she's not my archenemy, she just thinks I'm dumb and I'm NOT.

And that parent is also your archenemy... oh crap - benhos

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58 No dress down days for the whole year

We have it 4 times so who cares, because I get bloodlessness my jeans

Every day is dress down day - Captaincrunch2015

That's actually my school - JellyBean2000

We have it a few times duh elementary school.I am 4th grade so ya

59 Some crazy kid goes berserk in the hallways and flings his poop everywhere

Some 2nd grader took a massive turd and he was so proud it he carried it around (I was in 5th grade at the time) and this kid told him that he smelled like butt and that kid threw his poop at him an took a small piece that hit the fan people were covered in poop everywhere. It took the janitor all day to clean it out and that kid got alternative school for it

In my primary school when I was about 9... Someone put poop in the water fountain and we had a whole assembly for it, I kept laughing so hard because before someone said 'i'm not sure a cat can just randomly poop in a water fountain' - Harri666

You're talking about monkeys aren't you?

Once I thought someone was gonna tell on me but the reason they wanted to see the tecaher is because they pooped their pants - Spottedrain

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60 Being suspended

That's good but not as good as expelled

Happen to me it sucked but on the bright side I've couldav got expelled

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