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61 Some crazy kid goes berserk in the hallways and flings his poop everywhere

Some 2nd grader took a massive turd and he was so proud it he carried it around (I was in 5th grade at the time) and this kid told him that he smelled like butt and that kid threw his poop at him an took a small piece that hit the fan people were covered in poop everywhere. It took the janitor all day to clean it out and that kid got alternative school for it

In my primary school when I was about 9... Someone put poop in the water fountain and we had a whole assembly for it, I kept laughing so hard because before someone said 'i'm not sure a cat can just randomly poop in a water fountain' - Harri666

You're talking about monkeys aren't you?

Once I thought someone was gonna tell on me but the reason they wanted to see the tecaher is because they pooped their pants - Spottedrain

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62 Being suspended

That's good but not as good as expelled

Happen to me it sucked but on the bright side I've couldav got expelled

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63 Obama gives a formal visit and says he's gonna dance in his pyjamas.

You know what, this would actually be kinda hilarious to me. - airplain313

Your trying to be funny whoever added this

I was in pain laughing at this

This is even funnier with the fact that pajamas is misspelled - Seddeu

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64 Forced to eat glass

Um. That would really happen, right?

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65 A monsoon
66 Baby bop punches your teacher
67 Rick Astley rickrolls the school

Wouldn't work in my school, no one knows what rick-rolling is. The bright side is that no one kills me for hiring this guy.

That would be awesome though...

At least he wouldn't give us up.. Or hurt us

A band teacher rickrolls everyone it happened to me when I was going to G period

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68 A train crashes through your school

"Okay, who the hell said 'I like Trains?! '"

Well, if the school was right on top of the tracks, that would happen on a daily basis (it is indeed insane). - InvaderRailfanPokeNerd578

Actually, as long as I don't get injured or anyone else, this would be really nice

More likely a taxi with the way things are run round here!

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69 Ceiling falls in

That happened to my school! Twice- in one semester! Luckily both times were on weekends.

Someone threw a football and the ceiling cracked. - Captaincrunch2015

70 Getting snowed in

When the simpsons got snowed in their school, why didn't they go upstairs and climb out the window?

Obviously you would go upstairs and climb out the window. But our school will never get snowed in since I live in uk and it never snows... - Harri666

Imagine getting snowed in overnight and when the snow finally melts everything is gone and you have to live like savages - Captaincrunch2015

Some kids live in hot countries were they do not snow, like me

I saw that on the simpsons it was called skinner's sense of snow

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71 Made fun of in front of the class

My parents wanted this to happen to me because of my religion

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72 Justin Bieber becomes your teacher

He didn't have the skill to be a teacher

There is nothing but cracked eggs, marihuana smells, and annoying music. - Connor360

It could be worse. They could have soulja boy as your teacher.

Woohoo! Lets all make out with our teacher!

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73 ISIS comes to school

This would be crazy

I'm pretty sure they'd get shot down by the military before they even get there - Seddeu

Hello kids, welcome to biology. Today we are learning about poison gases - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Yay, we are all GOING TO DIE!

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74 "Anaconda" is played at the school dance

This and many more hip-hop/rap/pop get played in my dances and as a rock/metal fan I HATE IT! The only good song they played at my danced was Rebellion by Linkin Park.

If this plays at a dance with lots of 5th graders then it would be a hellhole - Captaincrunch2015

This is played all the time at my school dance

Yay! Time for some sweet booty!

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75 A dress up day gets planed but all the girls have to dress up as Dora and all the boys have to dress up as Caillou

How I picture this

Teacher-OK class tomorrow we will have a dress up day
Girl-I hope people love my sparkly princess dress
Me-My Lloyd Garmadon costume will be awesome
Teacher-How ever there will be a touch
Boy-Is it some rides or party food?
Teacher-No all the girls will be dressing up as Dora and all the boys will be dressing up as Caillou
Whole Class-Aw!
Teacher-Yes you heard me right


Boy-If the boys dress up as that dumb bald dimwit then they have to shave alll of their hair off and that would be thrash and what in the world is wrong with you what kind of grade does that
Boy 2-Preschool
Boy 3- and Do Not forget Kindergarten too
Girl- Aww I wanted to be in my princess dress
Girl 2- None of us have those outfits 1 and 2 they are for babies and toddlers
Boy 4 -Heck No We are not doing that grr those idiots
Whole Class:Gasp
Teacher That is Ok just do not say that no more Ok
Woman on Intercomm Teacher Please Come to the front office if not you are fired
Teacher Does Not come
Intercom Lady You know what you are fired
Boys:Yeah that fat Gerbil Moron is gone
Another Teacher Walks in
I will be your new Teacher
Girl:What's Your Name
You get to dress up as whatever you want
Whole Class 😁 Yay 😊

76 Teachers turned into zombies

That would be so cool

Then.. It would begin. - airplain313

That is so awesome.. Dude..

Save them so I can study their behavior

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77 Obama becomes the principal

'Hello students. This month we will learn how to hijack a airplane. '

I would save my pee then switch it with the water he drinks.

Holy crap! What will he do?! - funnyuser

Do you mean OSAMA bin laden?

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78 Old bag teacher takes off clothes

What is wrong with you people?

Then the math lady does it do

I think that's so stupid one of the kids at my school does it and he also smokes

You people can dream...

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79 Someone vomits all over the classroom

This girl I now have a crush on, she did this in fourth grade. Same happened to one of my friends that moved to Ohio. - airplain313

Someone vomit on me :(

I did that a few weeks ago in science class but it was in the trash can, it was still embarrassing because no one would go near me for the rest of the class.

I drank some fruit juice and them I vomited all over the floor in the cafeteria.
Now I drink Vegtable juice and I still vomit - SirSkeletorThe3rd

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80 You get suspended for talking

Someone got suspended for talking smack to a teacher and then later he got in a fight with a student... - Captaincrunch2015

I got In big trouble for looking at a friend. - AnonymousChick

I don't think that would happen. Unless you talk about really inappropriate stuff.

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