Top Ten Worst Things That Could Happen Involving School

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81 School is on week ends

If school is on weekends doesn't that mean only two that's of school

82 School is 7:30 to 4:15

I wouldn't come to school until 8:30 - Captaincrunch2015

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83 No bathroom break
84 Homework is required every night
85 Caillou comes to your school and becomes your classmate
86 You are forced to play Bubsy 3D

I thought you weren't supposed to play any video games in school.

I'd probably sneak in a copy of Grand Theft Auto or Grand Theft Auto 2 to play on the PlayStation if Bubsy 3D is what we'd be playing...

What about teachers spy in your house and make sure you are doing math or reading and never play video games till you are graduated - Captaincrunch2015


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87 You walk into the wrong class

Last year when I was in fifth grade I was so tired I almost walked into the second grade classroom

It would be something if it was the teachers lounge and they were trying to form a teacher rap group... That actually happened

What I wanna know, where will my class be?

You came to the wrong class motherf***ef - SirSkeletorThe3rd

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88 Disney Channel stars come to give a presentation

I don't want the person who does stars voice to love me - TheKirbyCreeper999

Goofy could teach you how to be goofy like him.

This would suck Disney Channel sucks.

I would love it please make it happen

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89 Snorlax comes to school

Me: Here, wait Snorlax! Students, Snorlax has come to destroy our school. Lets go outside and make way for it. - Animefan12

" Oh no here comes Snorlax everybody run! Oh wait no he just fell asleep on some trees just walk home now." - SirSkeletorThe3rd

More like if Snorlax decided to sit on the school

He should roll over and crush the school when only the chavs are in there! - Entranced98

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90 Get blamed for something you didn't do

This happened in my other school, I moved into a new school and at least the people don't blame me for something I didn't do and are nicer. In my other school people made fun of me and blamed me for everything and go to the office. One time I was at the playground and I saw a kid falling down and blamed me because I pushed him, no one believed me, I would never push a kid and I never did it. Those spoiled brats told on me and got me suspended. I tried telling the truth to the principal and he didn't believe me. I feel much happier at my new school with my new friends drawing and talking and I'm friends with a younger student than I.

I was eating my snack at the cafeteria and my crush (who ain't really my crush) threw her drink on the ground then said "MY FRIEND THREW MY DRINK ON MY GROUND! " I said "I was eating! " and my crush said "you knocked my drink on my ground, don't pretend you didn't! "

I got blamed for turning the basketball scores off and all the teachers said I did it even though I never touched them. Luckily the secretary and the principal believed me when I said I didn't do it.

It's happened to me a lot and it's not good even if you don't get punished

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91 Having to go home on a Mitsubishi Rosa

Why is this the only bus talked about not Toyota Coaster or anything else Mitsubishi Rosa Fuso Rosa

I know right, Mitsubishi Rosa buses are crap. Lucky I just go home on an Optare Solo.

They are good buses I you don't like seatbelts but they have wifi

Luckily, I go home on a school bus

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92 All of your enemies form a gang and beat you up
93 Having to sit near jocks

I'm friends with most of them anyways. But I'm friends with almost everybody except almost all girls at my school - SirSkeletorThe3rd

It depends, if there NICE jocks, yeah there cool.

94 Being forced to poop on front of the class while singing "Happy Holidays" by Andy Williams

I did this for my talent show in 7th grade

Oh my god this would be bad if it happened

Imagine your teacher does this while wearing a barney costume...

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95 A new rule forces you to go to school even if you're sick

This is how a zombie apocalypse would begin

This would be bad. Because if you had the flu or strep (I have had both) than it would be very contagious and likely for someone else in your school to get it. And if you had mono you would be very tired which may negegatively affect your grade. If you had walking pneumonia you may not even be able to walk to class.
Anyhow I advice against going to school if you are sick but that also means you will have make up work which I got a lot of in 4th grade because especially towards the end of the year I was sick.

96 A 99 is a failing grade, a 100 is an A

For most of my friends, that would be a disaster. But I mostly get 100%

97 You are forced to swim in Blazing Hot Lava

This would essentially be murder! - Entranced98

You'd be DEAD!

98 Your school goes on a field trip to North Korea and China

I love to travel around the world so new countries for me?


99 A wind knocks a tree against your school

If a wind blowed a tree againest a school. Then it could cause damage to your school.

A wind with enough force to rip a tree out of the ground would destroy certain parts of the school, too...

Bill payments would have to be made. We would be forced to help pay for these. - SelfDestruct

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100 Electricity overload

No problem! My school relies on the solar panels that we recently installed. - Pegasister12

I don't know if this is related but one time in school the fifth grade didn't habe power in the classrooms so we were sitting in the dark hallway eating our breakfast

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