Top Ten Worst Things That Could Happen Involving School

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101 Spontaneous combustion V 1 Comment
102 Hurricane floods and destroys the school

It would be great... Only if all the students are at home. - Animefan12

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103 You have lockers near a popular mean selfish snob

I would have transferred schools if ever this horrible catastrophe happens. I do not wanna spend the rest of my school year dealing with a bully while you've got tons of schoolwork to do

I do this year and he hates me more than anything, you don't are many people hate me and I run on hate and rejection

I don't have a locker near one, but one always comes around to harass us. But I do have a locker next to a kid who cusses a lot.

Oh I'd be in heaven, because I'm one of those

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104 A time paradox makes you have to repeat your least favourite lesson over and over

Okay class we are doing history, now who was the person who was the ruler of Germany:
Okay then, what did I have for breakfast this morning
You:Nothing you were late
Okay then when was I born
You:I don't know because you haven't told me yet, could you tell me please.

You could kill them all and they could still be alive. It will be like a What If... Machine - Harri666

Ughhh no that would be Mathematics and that's middle school mathematics which sucks - JellyBean2000

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105 Activated time bomb in school

Everyone would evacuate the school and the school would have to pay thousands of dollars for the damage and the school would shut down due to not having enough money but everyone else would get a list of recommendations for other schools and we would all live evily ever after 😑😑😑😑😑😑

106 Walking into the school and somebody has a, RPG-7 aimed at you

It's like you walk in and your like, "(Sigh) All right, then."

He could be aiming for the idiot behind you. - Captaincrunch2015

Who lets their child have a RPG?! - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Nope I'm innocent! Oh wait I'll just throw my backpack at him and run away! #ThugLife😎���" - JellyBean2000

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107 People tell old, annoying jokes

People keep on saying What are Those?! And Deez nuts at my school all the time - SirSkeletorThe3rd

I am perfectly fine with that.

This happens all the time, given that it includes all the 'dank memes' people just won't shut up about. - Entranced98

People really need to stop with the "YO MUM HAHAAHAHAAHAHAAHAaAFAASSSHSJSJSJJNMIODMFD" Worst thing is that in some schools there's a 80% chance teachers won't care.

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108 Being caught masturbating

Some kid at my school actually did this and came all over his desk then he got expelled.

I don't think you'd be able to masturbate (not because of rules, but I think all websites that feature that stuff would be blocked on the computers).

My best friend told me that 2 kids masturbated in English class. What's worse is that I sit on one of the kids desks...

Who the hell would do this in class? - Entranced98

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109 Directioners run the school

They'll never force this Maggot (slipknot fan) to watch them

That would be torture and all of us would be forced to watch their videos and listen to their songs.

110 One of your classmates gets ebola

You'll be dead before that happens

Nope moving to Mars 4eva! NASA has comfirmed there's water and life on Mars I'll be straight - JellyBean2000

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111 G.G. Allin visits and sings

He's way too inappropriate and graphic for school. But he's dead now.

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112 Flood/roof leak

I know one friend who got his guys together and managed to flood the school's bathroom, what was funny was when the school blamed the bad maintenance on the pipes

113 Slipknot ringtone goes off during class

Having a Slipknot song as your ringtone would be awesome, but I don't think the teachers would appreciate it.

One time my People=Sh*t ringtone went off in the principal's hand after he took my phone up.

Nearly had my phone confiscated with my Avenged Sevenfold ringtone, but luckily my teacher gave me a one-off. But my BFF, she had her phone's volume cranked up to the maximum, and it went off.

Imagine having a Slayer, Behemoth, Cannibal Corpse, or Deicide ringtone.

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114 A naked picture is sent of you to the whole school

What if teachers take shower pics of you and they sneak in and if you do somethingn wrong they send it to every1 - Captaincrunch2015

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115 Happy bunny joins the school

I would need a doctor.

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116 The whole school gets lice

Uh oh this would not be good

117 Gary Glitter visits and sings

And tries to kidnap little boys. That would be very disgusting. This paedophile should not go to any school. He's in jail now which is good. - ThePwoperMuser101

118 Locoroco invades the school

Um... what is LocoRoco doing here? - SachiyoHasegawa

119 Patrick Star becomes your teacher

Haha that won't be bad he'll probably just be standing there looking dumb lol - JellyBean2000

This would be awesome PAtrick is funny until season 6

Still more educational than actual school

Are you Patrick Star?
And this is your ID
I found this ID in this wallet, which must mean that this is your wallet.
Makes sense to me..
Then, take it..
It's not my wallet.

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120 Fights

Honestly this isn't that bad... It happens at almost every school. I guess if it got out of hand and became a riot :D I've seen that happen actually...

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