Top Ten Worst Things That Could Happen Involving School

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141 School's WiFi system gets damaged

This happens actually happens a lot... - HappyFlower

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142 A bigfoot crushing the school

This happened over Winter Break - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Correct his feet aren't that big.

His feet aren't THAT big

143 It opens

Now I actually have to get up, and do work... - Spirtfall

144 You are forced to play bad games

Bad Games? More Specifics please? Baby shows are worse though.

Does this include Call of Duty advanced warfare

You mean Call of Duty Ghosts?

You mean Superman 64 E.T for the Atari and Bubsy 3D

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145 You are forced to the Reviewspace aka da 90s Kid Show
146 Every guy is friendzoned

... ths happened in every school in my city - BorisRule

147 Peeing your pants in class

If your 4 not very embarrassing but if your 18 you'll be bullied for decades

This happened in kindergarten and first grade. I had to go to the office to get pants

This happened to me in kindergarten, first, and second grade. I was bullied each time.

/in trouble so can't play @ recess

Me: I have to use the restroom

@$$hole... I mean a teacher: no u don't b quiet! /leaves

Me:... /pees self
/bad rash

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148 Get caught masturbating by a teacher

Or catching a teacher masturbating

Or get caught masturbating the teacher - by his wife!

149 You have your period and there's a huge red stain on your pants for the rest of the day V 3 Comments
150 Being forced to eat glass while watching Miley Cyrus crap

Much better than Justin Bieber visiting the school and sings.

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151 A crazy kid on a killing spree V 2 Comments
152 The violin girl from Courage the Cowardly Dog visits and stays in the boys bathroom
153 Elmo comes to your school

I would slap elmo

I would throw him and then punch his face and then fart in his face and then kick his balls.

I will give him a hug along with grover and albert

I would shoot them

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154 Teacher belts you V 1 Comment
155 The principal dies in your classroom

Would we get to go home early because of it?

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156 Being in a portable classroom

All the social studies classes are taught by coaches and are in portable buildings.

I like portables more than the main building

157 Getting caught wagging V 2 Comments
158 Your teacher dies and justin bieber becomes your teacher
159 Being in a cold portable classroom

I like portables but not cold ones I agree

160 The Galactic Empire arrives and takes over

Why would Darth Vader come and destroy the school (but that would be awesome)

They invaded our school last year. Things have changed since the Galactic Empire attacked. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

I would join them and help take out the teachers

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