Top Ten Worst Things That Could Happen Involving School

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161 Cold swimming pools

I don't even have pools in my school

162 You are forced to watch Big Brother in class
163 Nothing bad happening to it
164 No christmas break

I would just never come back to school until new year - Captaincrunch2015

165 Your are forced to watch Total Drama

This would be a good thing!

I'd be happy to watch anything in class if it means I don't have to do work. If I don't like it I can always daydream or doodle.

That would be a total nightmare.

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166 You sit next to a Total Drama fangirl

I think I know who put this on the list.

Look I'm sorry. Total Drama World Tour came out and I was obsessed. I started singing the songs and kept talking about the show in math class. Everyone who sat near me except my friend was annoyed.

I agree! They would be saying things about the show & you wish that they would shut up!

This wouldn't be that bad, but that's coming from me... - Turkeyasylum

167 You fall in front of everyone

That's happened to me at least 3 times this year - Spirtfall

168 Justin Bieber announces that he will sing in school in front of everyone

No way, I would run away as far as possible and cover my ears.

169 You have ballroom dancing for gym but you have to dance with someone who wants to lick your sweat.

Okay Top Tens seriously what?! - SirSkeletorThe3rd

170 "Stupid Hoe" is played at the school dance

That would be like the scariest thing to ever happen. No joke.

If I had an MP3 player with me I would play the whole Rugrats in Paris soundtrack.

171 Your school is the location for Big Brother
172 A sharknado

I would get my squad to carry the mean teachers to the sharks then throw em in

I thought teachers push kids into sharks

I would just push the kids into the Sharks. - Captaincrunch2015

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173 Pokemon destroys the school

Having your school destroyed by Pokemon and no longer going to school is the first step in becoming a Pokemon trainer

Pokemon is a cartoon idiots

This is bad how?

Catch a Mewtwo

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174 Flying pigs start killing everyone

That would be okay for me because I'm nicknamed as pig and I like pigs. I must worry about my friends. - Animefan12

I wish it was the flying pig in Jetpack joyride, we'd all be rich! - Animefan12

Wait, there's a pig in Jetpack Joyride? I thought there was a motor boat, a teleporter, a dragon, a motorcycle, a stomper, a gravity suit, a strong arm machine, a bird coaster, and the strong arm machine.

That WILL happen...

When Pigs Fly!

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175 Orson Wells comes alive and creeps everybody out with his voice
176 Flash Sentry steals all the hot girls

I murder flash sentry.
Flash sentry bleeds to death.
Everyone cheers.
My crush kisses me. - Captaincrunch2015

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177 School is on week ends

If school is on weekends doesn't that mean only two that's of school

178 School is 7:30 to 4:15

I wouldn't come to school until 8:30 - Captaincrunch2015

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179 No bathroom break
180 Homework is required every night
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