Top Ten Worst Things That Could Happen To The World

Earth's been around for 5.6 billion years. Only a matter of time. :(.

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21 Big Crunch

Eventually, expansion of the universe stops and it shrinks down until there is NO universal objects remaining (and that includes the whole solar system). - GISonic

The universe is speeding up its expansion, so we don't need to worry about this for a while.

And then another Universe is born - Neonco31

I thinkthis sounds somewhat acceptable and possible in the same way.

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22 The World Starts to Break In Half Until It's Gone

Planets that are small but have heavy gravity will likely to break apart

Anti gravity is responsible if this happens

Yes that is the third worst thing

A atom bomb can actually do this... gotta get that uranium 235 and made hundred percent yield... - Lucretia

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23 Every Country Fell and Turned Into a Huge River

Aren't we basically already in a big giant river called "the Ocean"?

24 ISIS Conquers the World

This is a worst case scenario. It could happen who knows but probably won't cause they'd have to go against the British army, the US army, the French army, and a bunch of other armies so unless they get help from other nations it won't happen.

They have no plans to, they only want a state of Islam

ISIS can't are military is strong and will continue to be even stronger if they were to it would already be happening

Hah there is absutly no possibilty they could take over. They would need to be as powerful as the U.S army to do that. And besides isia is almost destroyed. But to male things sound gruesome this terrible evil isis guy cut a preist's throat and the presit screamed ISIS. Yeah I heard it was prett gruesome. I hope those goatf#%$ers get there ass kicked.

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25 Ghosts Take Over

Yea this one is not even a little realistic.

We have gone too far on this list.

26 Justin Bieber takes over the world

A Black Hole is better than this, we can't let Justin Bieber take over or else we'll all die.

It will be in the hell

If Justin Bieber would take over all he would be saying is baby baby let the zombies come

If zombies die from terrible music does that mean bieber will save the world someday?

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27 Hillary Clinton Becomes President

That will become really bad

This is 100% true

28 Blackout For 1000 years

We would survive this, although the western world would collapse third world countries would rise out of the chaos as major powers.

I can't last that long with a blackout plus we would all be dead by the time the blackout finishes - bert631

The big freeze occurs first and then this happens (although the blackout is eternal). - SelfDestruct

No games of light

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29 Ice Age

"Bob! Do you know that scene in the day after tomorrow? Well..."

Put your heavy jackets under heavy jackets or else you will miss out on something cool

South England would be on the edge of a gaint ice sheet, but it would be pretty cool when the sea level drops

30 People Realize Divine Beings Never Existed

Actually, this may have some positive effects. No more wars over religion. The abolition of most sadistic religious and cultural traditions like Sharia law and self mutilation. Without religion people will be without a reason to hate each other and some war torn arias like the Middle East and northern Africa will be at peace. Anyways just because there are no divine beings doesn't mean that there isn't an afterlife.

God exists! And on the Day Of Judgment you all will be questioned

That would be a big problem. For the big hope of humanity to end up as being a delusion.

Don't. How do you prove it. Everything you believe you should have proof on and till I see them, see heaven, see hell, I won't believe - Lucretia

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31 Internet Goes Out

You know what they say: the internet can be a sadistic place

The internet is porn

The internet needs to be put out being a person that does thingsss in person is better than jerking off to the internet or seeing what this person is doing or something so stupid I mean look at the world guys every one is hooked to it and the worst part the government is seeing every little thing you do on the internet

Awhile the human race will be panicking but in 6 months later will would have life back to a new normal life like it was like in the '70's and '80's.

Oh god no I would hate this my princess daisy pictures my skyblock my prison amount of $ NO I CANNOT LET THIS HAPPEN

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32 Bats Evolve Into Vampires

Wait do the vampires want to kill us or are they fine with us? If there fine with us there would only be a ecosystem change but if they want to kill us then we are doomed.

33 Biological Warfare

This is kind of a more pleasant way to die than a nuclear war, because we don't suffer from mutations and it's very unlikely that a biological warfare would wipe out the human race, because we can create antidotes for most poisons, or we would find a way to destroy the biological weapons.

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34 Human Extinction

And so, the Great Mushroom War from Adventure Time (extinction of human life) is coming. - aarond9010

If this happened who would replace us?

Wouldn't this just stop everything else from going extinct.

Duh. The monkeys will replace us.

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35 Ebola Virus

Ebola is definitely the worst way to die; worst than all of these. You're being tortured by an invisible enemy and bleeding slowly and agonizingly, with an unbearable pain. It is coming: It had spread; if it travels overseas to other continents, provinces, and territories, the world is doomed forever with extinction. We can't fight it, it could only fight itself.

Currently 25-50 percent can survive Ebola. It is the worst way to die, slowly bleeding to death in agony. If a strain of Ebola became airborne and the mortality rates went up to 90+ percent, most would die. Even those who survive sometimes suffer from afteraffects. Chaos would erupt and few, if any would survive.

Sorry to say this, but the Ebola has started. BEWARE

My mum can do this thing where she can stop people from getting the Ebola virus. Y'all should hop on a flight to the UK then. She's only done it to me, my brother, and my cousin so far.

If you want more information on how it works, look up something called NAET. - Wolftail

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36 All hippopotamuses die

That will not be the end of the world

Would be awful - Lucretia


What? - Neonco31

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37 Nibiru Cataclysm

This ain't real. This was a story made up by someone who wanted to be famous. People are just so gullible.


This is not real,its just an idea used in Scooby doo

38 Big Rip

When the force of expansion exceeds all molecular binding forces, the big rip happens. ALL matter, including Earth and everything else that exists, will be distorted. I wonder what it would be like. - SelfDestruct

We'd probably be stretched up, along with the other animals, though I don't think the giraffe could stretch any longer. - Pegasister12

Um, This happens tot he UNIVERSE - DubstepLover

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39 Justin Bieber stays alive

He should be destroy since he birth - BeaM456

I don't really care. He does his thing I do mine

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40 Justin Bieber releases another album

Sorry guys - Neonco31


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