Top Ten Worst Things That Could Happen To The World

Earth's been around for 5.6 billion years. Only a matter of time. :(.

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41 Earth Goes Off Axis

It will actually, it has been proved, the shara desert will be green but for the rest of the world

What happens when a human goes off axis?

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42 Justin Bieber Becomes President

If he became president and entered my house. I would grab a gun and shoot him 50 times, get a baseball bat and smack him in the head 10 times, run over him with a car about 100 times, and finally burn his body and throw the remains into a nearby ocean. But I doubt he'll ever become president. - Catacorn

Better than some things below this. But that would be terrible.

I would blast his face off and hang him

Quit entaganizing him. When will it all end? When people first entaganized him it was a tiny bit funny but now people on the internet always entaganize him and it's annoying as frick.

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43 It Ends
44 The Kardashians Get Cloned

OH, this IS B-A-D, Period.

45 Nazis Take Over

Nazis are gone isis is stuck in there area and no one is gonna take over... maybe north korea doe

ISIS isn't a building and the Nazi's won't take over

Kim Jong un taking over is worse, I mean he wants to destroy us - Lucretia

Umm... nazi germany was detroyed over 70 years ago.

46 Earth Crashing Into Mars

It's better than the whole Milky Way galaxy crashing into the Andromeda galaxy but still bad.

That's pretty scary. The crust of 2 planets dashing, and all the humans tragically squashed. - Animefan12

I want earth to crash into saturn instead - Lucretia

Oh god this should be at least in top 5.

47 Armageddon


Just listen to the song aenema. give you guys some ideas.

48 Barney the Dinosaur Becomes President

Man here we go with I love you crap. NO!

I love Barney I would be cool with that

49 Zamasu Invades Earth and Kills Everyone

Don't think so

Ningens be afraid

50 All Diseases Become Contagious and Airborne

Dude, do you even know science? Whats with all the paranoia madness?

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51 The Nazi Moon Space Missiles Are Set Off And Destroy Earth

It's true the Nasir have a missile station on the moon. It's a complete facility. It's got 1 man spacecraft, missiles, and a complete living wuarters

What is a Wuarter?

52 Bronies Take Over

I'd rather watch frozen 5 Times in A Row

I'm a shy one anyways I'd rather watch puppy in my pocket

This should be higher on this list. The MLP Fan Base is very huge and bronies are going to take over the internet and possibly take over the world!

Well bronies already take over 55% of the internet...worst nightmare confirmed! Stop the bronies

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53 Everyone Becomes Gay

Who added this one? You need to be slapped.

The population will drop dramatically because gays can't have children.

It's not Homophobic, how are we gonna have children? - Ihaskitty1234

Ain't happenin. - Lucretia

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54 Kanye West makes another album

Yep! I was scrolling specifically looking for an entry of this nature. The only thing worse than this would be a league of crappy "artists" joining forces for some kind of super group album release. - surgeonsanic

Laugh out loud I wonder who added this one

He is actually bad

55 The moon turns out to be a death star

Mist logical answer


56 The SpongeBob Episode One Coarse Meal is the only thing on TV
57 Nuclear Meltdown

That can happen horrible this should me the worst cause many people can die on it

58 Life Disappears Suddenly

We would not care cause we would not exist anymore

59 Massive Economic Collapse

This would be bad, everything will be super expensive then rioting will be everywhere until there's like 10000 people left

If this happened, at least 1 million people commit sucide EVERYDAY

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60 Wormwood

Oh my god... this is actually a character in The Enemy series! But he's not harmless, just manipulative... and then he is harmful. - Wolftail

As said in the Bible it will corrupt (or make bitter) water... So we would thirst to death.

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