Top Ten Worst Things That Could Happen To The World


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61 Worldwide Famine
62 Machines Start Killing People

This is not terminator salvation

If you watched Maximum Overrdrive by Stephen King, you'll know what I'm talking about. - InvaderRailfanPokeNerd578

63 Waterborne Virus

Would drain water supplies and force governments to hand out bottled water which would disappear quickly who knows what beastly side effects it may have - NintendoFan2047

64 Colossal Hurricane

It could happen due to global warming. IT WILL KILL YOUR CHILDREN!

65 The Earth Explodes

The core can not explode randomly

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66 EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) attack

Hello...this is slow death by starvation and disease. No cars, no appliances, no communication, no clean food eventually, anarchy--especially in the cities. Look at Venezuala right now. For those with winters, like Canada, it will be even worse. I would rather quick destruction than this.

That wouldn't even harm us, it would only deactivate all electronics

67 Werewolves Take Over

Selene ( Kate Beckinsale ) will put her tight latex suit on and solve that problem.

Selene (Kate Beckinsale) in her tight latex suit fighting werewolves for real, mmm! Would be a dream, I actually want werewolves to take over. - Toshin

That would be the same thing as everyone eating moldy rye bread. Werewolf illusions are caused by that.

I won't mind I'm half wolf

68 Justin Bieber Becomes a World Leader V 2 Comments
69 Everything Becomes Justin Bieber V 1 Comment
70 Wizards turn everyone into Justin Bieber
71 The Combine Takes Over Earth
72 Half-Life 3 Never Comes Out
73 Caitlyn Jenner Takes Over the World
74 Atmospheric Escape
75 Run Out of Oil

Not really that bad, we have alternate means of electricity and fuel, just not efficient ones.

This is clearly why we must save our oil

It would make use better energy sources.

We have enough coal for 465 more years but it will last longer because tech is getting more efficant. In the UK we use 10% less electricity than 2009. - Harri666

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76 Omega Heat Wave

It would be like when you awaken Groudon. - aarond9010

77 Core of Earth Evaporates

How exactly would that even happen? The core is inside the earth, so even if it did evaporate it would still stay there. And it's pretty much impossible for the core to turn to gas, it's just gonna stay molten :D If it did however, there most likely would be no magnetic fields anymore. - PvPro_101

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78 Tsunami
79 Big Freeze

Eventually the universe stops expanding and all the stars lose energy and go dark. That means there would be no such thing as light! - IRC908

The sun would've engulfed us by then, but this is probably gonna happen, just a really long time away. The universe expands so much that gas clouds would be spread too far apart, stars would get smaller each generation to the point where they can only make white dwarfs after death and then the gas clouds get too small to make stars due to the universe's expansion and white dwarfs fade away and have no more light and there's no more light at all! :D - PvPro_101

80 Pandemic Starts and Everyone Dies

This wouldn't be that bad because even though we will go extinct new life will live on earth

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