Top Ten Worst Things That Could Happen To The World

Earth's been around for 5.6 billion years. Only a matter of time. :(.

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81 Arctic Ice Melts and Everyone Dies Because of Flood

It will happen (global warming) so stop using normal cars and use hybrid cars and don't make fossil fuels if you don't want this to happen.

If all the ice melts then my house would be on about sea level

The arctic is never sunny so it's not gonna happen. OR IS IT SUNNY?

Cause I'm CRAZY I would run about in it

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82 Earth Is Ejected from the Solar System

Goodbye sun! Hello Pluto! Bye Pluto!
Hello comets! Bye comets! Goodbye solar system!
Hello... Wait a second. I's that?...

83 Nuclear Terrorism
84 Sky Net Is Real
85 Climate Change

Every 20,000 years the sahara desert becomes a rainforest and the amazon becomes a desert due to the earths tilt changing slightly. - Harri666

It happens often, and is happening now. - Animefan12

86 Global Warming

How is this on 66, this should by at least number 2. The fact that the earth is heating up at an alarming rate means that in 100 years, earth will become uninhabitable. Am I the only one scared of our next generation burning alive.

SAD all of the animals we live would be gone we would never ever see snow again nor would it be cold anywhere we could bake to death

That wouldn't be to bad

What do you mean, we won't have Antarctica, Alaska, or the North Pole. - Pegasister12

"Maybe if it was a real thing" - President Tronald Dump

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87 Ozone Layer Disappears

We will live in a world of never-ending sunburn. Who wants that? Tell me!

The ozone layer is repairing itself because we stopped making this chemical that destroys O3 in the 90s or 80s - Harri666

88 Heavy Rain Forever

California could use this. - CatCode

89 Government Apocalypse

What is a government apocalypse? - Jetticus12

90 Als Spreads

People have trouble sitting and standing and Earth will be a horrible place to live. If that virus came, we cannot walk, stand, or sit.

91 Second 9/11 attacks.

That only killed 3,000 people.

It would still be terrible though

92 Sarah Palin Becomes President

You just thought of the most terrifying thing ever! Also they should make a comedy movie with her as president.

93 The Purge Happens

Talking about this actually happened is how I found this page!

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94 Food and Water Loss

69!?!? Why isn't this one in the top 10? Without food or water, you would die. We would all go extinct. The Earth would be doomed, real end of the world type of situation here. Worst case scenario, if this would happen in real life, it would be truly catastrophic. Even worse than a zombie apocalypse, that's a given

Then what will we eat or will we just wanna starve to death if you don't then you should make food

95 Societal Collapse
96 Reptilians Living Among Humans

This has already happened :D

97 Our Belly Buttons Come to Life and Eat Us

But.. I'm a clone? - PvPro_101

Why would you want this!
I'm totally dead 😵

98 Hitler Comes Back from the Dead and Becomes Supreme Ruler of the Universe

This is almost as unrealistic as ghosts taking over.

99 The World Runs Out of Trees

This is what Justin Bieber would do if he was president.

100 We will Become Eloi and Morlocks
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