Top 10 Worst Things Ever Created by Fanbases


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1 Chris Chan - Sonic

This guy is an insult to people with autism. I especially hate it when bullies think every autistic person is like Chris-chan when that's not true. I'm autistic and I'm NOTHING like him.

And he's a trans-women now... That makes things even worse.

That manchild is the epitome of cancer in every category possible. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

2 Giantess Toriel X Asriel: Motherly F-ery (Fanfic) - Undertale

I bet you want brain bleach after reading just that one quote.

Oh God...just looking at the title makes me sick - FireWasp2004

"Actual quote from story: 'Asriel sighed as he squeezed his way in between Toriel's toes and ate the putrid, dirty, slimy jam that had been gathering in there.' It only gets progressively more disgusting from there, kind of like reading a really messed-up Chris Chan Sonichu story...only with macrophilia." - xandermartin98

3 My Immortal - Harry Potter My Immortal - Harry Potter

It's so bad it's hilarious - FireWasp2004

I had the unfortunate curiosity to read this fic in entirety. I regret everything. - NikBrusk

4 Bestiality R*** Fics - Pokémon, Undertale, etc.
5 "I'm Really Feeling It" meme - Xenoblade and Super Smash Bros.
6 Under (Her) Tail - Undertale
7 4CHAN Threads - Steven Universe, My Little Pony, etc.
8 Mario Is Mental - Mario
9 Recolored OCs - Sonic, Undertale, The Lion King, etc.

Just for not being confused:

-OCs stand for original characters, meaning characters that have their own universes (lot of games franchises, books, etc..),

-Fan-characters is quite the opposite, they are just characters put in said existing universes.
a bad etablished FC is usually a recolors of someone franchise work, just add a emo hair, flashy fur/hair or other color of hair, editing also the colors of eyes, clothes, but is obviously a recolored of an existing character franchise.

the biography about the bad etablished FC includes also a lot of clichés, or a too-perfect being.

10 "Shrek is love, Shrek is life" meme - Dreamworks Animations

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11 The 2016 Ghostbusters Feminazi Revolution on Tumblr - Ghostbusters
12 The term "bronies" - MLP
13 Dipper Goes To Taco Bell - Gravity Falls Dipper Goes To Taco Bell - Gravity Falls

I remember screaming and laughing at this bs even though this was flippin disgusting and disturbing. Lol the whole fandom was traumatized and in a way is considered "blasphemy" READ AT YOUR OWN RISK - TheLoudHouseSucks

14 Incest Shippings - Frozen, Undertale, Steven Universe, etc.
15 Plush pony dolls with sex holes in them - My Little Pony
16 Pun memes - Splatoon, Undertale, Magic School Bus, etc.
17 God-awful, ridiculously overrated creepypastas - Zelda, Sonic, Mario, etc.
18 Tier Lists - Super Smash Bros.
19 Shipping spiderwebs - Undertale
20 Character bodypillows - Anime, Undertale, MLP, etc.
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