Worst Things Danny Fenton/Phantom Did

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1 Make Jazz crying for being not good at ghost hunting
2 Didn't want to study for exam in the episode "The Ultimate Enemy"
3 Makes horrible fangirls and porn fanarts

Uh, dude? You can't blame a fictional character for the cause of rabid fangirls or horrible fanart. Items such as Danny Phantom making Jazz cry for not being good at ghost hunting are reasonable on this list seeing as it actually happened on the show. But items like this one are invalid and irrelevant as to what bad things Danny Phantom may have done in his show's universe considering that the character himself or Butch Hartman can't control how fans obsess over the series. Just saying. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

@ChatNoirFan18, hating on Serena and hating on Amourshippers are two completely different things. I hate Serena because of how annoying she is as a character and I hate Amourshippers because they always act rabid and obsess horribly over her. Basically, hating on Amourshippers is different from hating Serena, even though they're linked together. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

This list:
Blaming fan girls for stuff not his fault
Naming actions because if his flaws which makes him a good character because he will not be a Gary Stu
Loving his crush
His fault moments
Bring in Chat and RC even though they have nothing to do with him

You can't blame the character for his fan girls he has no control over that

4 Destroys christmas in "The Fright Before Christmas"
5 Only cares about Sam Manson
6 Treated Sam like a girlfriend even though they are actually a best friends
7 Makes good boy characters like Randy Cunningham and Adrien Agreste/Cat Noir get so much hates even though both them are a good characters than him
8 Saves a kids in the school bus just because for fame in the episode "Forever Phantom"
9 Act like crazy person in the episode "The Fenton Menace"
10 Replacing his friends with the robots that resembles his friends in the episode "Livin' Large"

That was selfish but it was a lesson to learn for him and showed that he is flawed but still why would you replace your friends that have been with since you got your powers

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