Worst Things to Do After You Win the Lottery


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1 Spend It All On Drugs

Don't plan on doing these. I heard you have a better chance of becoming President or getting struck by Lightning more than once than winning the lottery - ElectricCorpseSlayer

2 Spend It All At Once

I will spend it on 50 times as much money. - Skullkid755

3 Make Fun Of Those Who Didn't Win

This is basically what happens every time you see a family on T.V. popping champagne in your face. Suddenly, they're better than the rest of us plebs. - Britgirl

4 Forget To Report The Ticket
5 Tell Everyone

If you tell everyone, they are going to try and steal it. And at your home, burglars will steal your ticket. So keep your winnings a secret. - Catacorn

The reason is because you always have those friends who's like 'sharing is caring' and want you to give them like $2,000,000 - EpicHorrorMaster

6 Think That You Are The Smartest Person To Manage Your Money And Finances
7 Get Celebrity Envy
8 Isolating Yourself from Friends and Family
9 Say Yes To Everyone

Because if you always say yes, everyone will want to request loans and offers and stuff - EpicHorrorMaster

10 Lose The Ticket In Excitement

The Contenders

11 Throw It All Away
12 Charity Work

Well. I don't wanna play the nice guy but the truth is if I won the lottery (Although I don't participate), I would definitely give enough to every person who truly needs it. But not all the money. I'll keep about 20% of it for myself. - LightningBlade

I would give some of my money away to charity, there are people all around the world who need money but cannot get it. - Catacorn

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