Worst Things to Do On a Bus

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1 Have A Sing-Song

Ah! The bus driver will be pleased with a brilliant non-trained choir singing that masterpiece from Frozen, Let It Go. Er nope, they won't be impressed, it's not frigging Glee! - ArpstaAmy333

Once when I was in high school the bus driver forced one of my friends to sing a holiday song. I forgot the song, it was either 'Jingle Bells" or "The 12 days of Christmas"

There's a group that, every morning, patrol the corridors singing rubbish from the radio, and we in the canteen always get the blame!

So true! When I was In sixth grade, these little kids would song wrecking ball by Miley Cyrus and let it go! Thank God I don't ride on that bus anymore..

2 Piss Or Crap In Your Underwear

This one is especially terrible. If you have a long bus ride please remember there are no bathrooms on the bus. Use it before you get on every morning and afternoon. Not every driver will stop and some districts have policies in place that prevent them from even doing that besides everyone will be later. Some buses in the most rural areas can come as early as 4:30 in the morning and not get kids home until as late as 6:00 at night. Now even if you have just a hour or half hour bus ride most bus rides are not that long but make sure you use the restroom. I have almost done this before and my bus rides where always fairly short depending on the driver. Yes, I have even almost did it and I have witnessed it. It is terrible to have to use the restroom on the bus. Its torment so make sure to use the restroom before riding folks.

Not nice for anyone, least of all you!

What a lovely scent! The kids in the bus will be impressed at your lovely cheap colongue! - ArpstaAmy333

I wondered what the chocolate brownie stain on the seats was... leaky gronts!

3 Puke Everywhere

This isn't pleasant, and I know I'm a total hypocrite, but it isn't nice for the person who does it either, not just others!

Oops, I puked up my horrid lunch in my teachers bag! What shall I do?

This happened to me once in high school. It was so embarrassing! :(

Nice and pleasant for people with emetophobia! - ArpstaAmy333

4 Listen To Your Least Favorite Song On The Radio

Especially if it's a dull song then, yeah. - ArpstaAmy333


5 Dance Out Of Your Seat

I was once listening to Need To Feel Loved on my iPod on the bus, and didn't notice that I was tapping everything on the ends of my limbs and looked like a total prat. I got off that bus ASAP. - PositronWildhawk

Dying an exciting death has never been so amazing! - ArpstaAmy333

Don't fall off of your seat while it's moving for god's sake! That's a sure-fire way to kill yourself , or at least get kicked off the bus by the driver, and possibly everyone whose legs you roll into, and everyone whose stuff you roll into too!

6 Listen To "I Like Big Butts" On Full Volume

Everyone will be impressed with your big arse fetish. - ArpstaAmy333

Why? I mean, who likes big arses?

You're talking about Baby Got Back right?

7 Your Phone Rings And It's A Rude Ringtone

Who has a rude ringtone without the parents changing it?

I did a fart! I did a fart!

Bum bum bum bum
Arse bum arse bum
Bona arse bum bum
Bona arse bum bum
Bona willy arse bum
Bona willy arse bum

8 Take A Selfie

I was on a class trip and all of the girls next to me were taking selfies


Yay! Let's all take a selfie! Can we all fit on the screen?
Right then now, pull a funny face!
No, I don't want your junk in the picture thank you very much, boys!
Put your boobs away now please, girls!
Driver, get your fat ugly arse out the picture.
Pull your trosers up, you!
Stop taking dick pics!
Will somebody move that sports bag?
Oh gross, will somebody put some deeodarant on?
Augh, get out of the picture if your going to masturebate please!
No, I don't care if you have a bona, I just don't want that in my gorgeous selfie! Right then, all ready? God no, now we have Mr. Barf hee, no selfies today I'm afraid!
Still doesn't mean you can pull your trousers down and your shirts up though! Still don't want to see you junk and your T hank you very much!
Oh look, we're at school now! No chance of a selfie now!

9 Masturbate

Woohoo, lets have sex!

This is perverted - Ihateschool

10 Cuss Really Loudly

People do that every day on my school bus - Imreallyboredrightnow

That's precisely what a child on my bus did once. He got a write up for releasing the F bomb. - RockFashionista

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11 Start A Gas Pedal Flash Mob

What the hell does that mean! Don't post!

12 Talk About Corpses

Disgusting ew

13 Do Drugs

Don't do these children! - ArpstaAmy333

Woohoo, lets take drugs! Whowants heroine? Who wants cocane? Who wants marujjana! Yeah! This is amasterdam, so we can do drugs here! Woohoo!

14 Start A Fire

Build a bomfire build a bomfire put the teachers on the to put the textbooks in the middle and burn the whole lot yay lets burn the school down:-)

15 Throw Paper Airplanes Everywhere

Stick one in your teachers coffee mug and watch as she throws it back up! WARNING: ONLY DO THIS TO TEACHERS YOU DON'T LIKE!

16 Stuff A Bunch Of Snakes In Your Backpack And Release Them On The Bus

Yay, miss is gonna be scared lesa and shes gonna bloody wet herself

17 Call 911

That's illegal, unless it's an emergency!

18 Twerk

I'm twirking with my ARSE!

19 Run around, jump, and headbang like crazy

Bluefrostofthunderclan, I totally agree with you!

20 Be Naked

I will trust you this will be a good idea.

21 Smash the window for no reason
22 Pee your pants
23 Eat your boogers
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