Top Ten Worst Things to Do In the Dark


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1 Play catch with your friend

If you take the risk and do that don't him him in the balls (assuming he is a guy). - 5low5talker

2 Sleep outside

Without a tent I mean. - 5low5talker

3 Drive without headlights

You here that crunch? That's you totaling you're car. - 5low5talker

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4 Walk in the woods

Snakes or Jason Voorhees. Pick your poison - bobbythebrony

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5 Have sex

Maybe you'll end up with a deer by the end of it. - 5low5talker

6 Build a tree house
7 Spin
8 Walk in the ghetto

This really should be number one - Jyoung777

9 Eat
10 Read

The Contenders

11 Run
12 Try to find your lost ring

Next thing you know, you'll hear a slithery voice saying," What's he got in his pockets." Run, Bilbo, run.

13 Write
14 Conduct a science experiment

Hey, a lot of astronomical observations HAVE to take place in the dark! - PositronWildhawk

Hm... my hypotheses is that I can only stay out in ghe dark for 30 minutes. - 5low5talker

15 Cook
16 Be afraid
17 Watch TV
18 Wash Clothes
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1. Play catch with your friend
2. Sleep outside
3. Drive without headlights
1. Have sex
2. Sleep outside
3. Walk in the woods
1. Eat
2. Run
3. Spin

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