Worst Things to Do During a Test


The Top Ten

1 Fart

Has to be everyone will notice

2 Burp
3 Propose to Someone

Out of all the times and places!
But it sounds educatingly romantic, hockeykid... ! - HezarioSeth

4 Cut the Girl's Hair Next to You
5 Throw a Rock at the Teacher

I pooped after this one

6 Copy
7 Fall Off Your Chair
8 Vomit

A kid threw up on his math test once when I was in 7th grade

9 Die

If arcsine (0.5) + arctan (12) amount of solutes are present in 1 litre of blood. Then find how much water is there and say whether the colour of blood is Dark Red Or Bright Red?


10 Talk Out Loud

The Contenders

11 Spit on the Floor
12 Take of All Your Clothes Off

This depends on the exam. Is it on anatomy? Is it on reproduction? Is it not oral? - PositronWildhawk

Definitely one of the worst times to be nude (homage to one of my lists). - Turkeyasylum

How is this not number 1?

Any mad would only do this - zuni

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13 Slack Off
14 Get a Call From Justin Bieber

Bloody hell! How the hell did he get my number? - PositronWildhawk

15 Bully
16 Catch Your Hair On Fire

9+3 is...
Sock, your hair is on fire!
GAH - MoldySock

17 Rip Up Someone's Test Paper
18 Give Answers to Others
19 Bribe Your Teacher for an A
20 Chew Gum

The gum chewer... So annoying. - letdot52

21 Text
22 Hit People
23 Watch YouTube
24 Poop
25 Blow Up a Desk

You can't do the test anymore

26 Wail, "Why Doesn't Dora the Explorer Like Me?"
27 Do the Big Gay Dance
28 Kick People's Chairs
29 Scratch Your Genitals
30 Stick Pencils Up Your Nose
31 Pray to Shrek
32 Yell
33 Have the Answers Written on Your Hand
34 Masturbate

Everyone would see you do it... so yeah - SwagFlicks

35 Make a TheTopTens List
36 Do a Dance on Your Chair
37 Insult Your Teacher
38 Start a Riot
39 Eat Your Exam
40 Twerk
41 Make Creeper Noises
42 Fall Through the Ground
43 Pee In Your Pants

When I was in Kindergarten, I ussally got an A+ but one time I gotten an A- which was the only time I didn't get an A+. I Ussally peed in my pants in school when I was 3-4 years old! Luckily I don't do it anymore.

44 Spit on the Test
45 Put Cheese Sauce on the Test
46 Pee on the Test Paper
47 Scream
48 Play Music at Full Volume
49 Drink Alcohol
50 Write a Essay on Why You Refuse to Take the Test
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