Top 10 Worst Things to Do in an Election

I might ocassionially make a political list but I'll try to not go overboard with them. Here is some off the worst things to do in a election

The Top Ten

1 Blatantly lie to your voters

*cough* *cough* Hillary Clinton *cough* *cough* - CrimsonShark

Sounds like every candidate of every party in every election of the past 50 years.

*COUGH* George W. Bush enough said.

2 Not fulfill any of your promises

If you can't fulfill your promises even your supporters will doubt you.

3 Always promise change but never do it

Explains itself really.

4 Contradict yourself or lie a lot

Again you'll lose support pretty fast.

5 Being hypocritical

Like lying this can make you lose a election pretty fast.

6 Getting into sexual allegations or scandals

Yeah... not going to explain why for this.

7 Making the opponent look bad when you're just as bad

This is something that has happened since the beginning of politics and won't stop anytime soon.

8 Covering up any of your lies/ problems to get more votes

Happens too much...

*Cough* Hillary Clinton l - Randomator

9 Being inconsistent

Self explantory.

10 Being too judgemental

Won't get you too far in a election.

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