Top 10 Worst Things to Do at a Movie Theater

The Top Ten

1 Throw food at people

Okay, that is rude. - JoeBoi

Time for a food fight! - nintendofan126

2 Be rude

Would you like it if the person behind you were making loud noises? Babies, I totally understand.

This just sums up every item - DapperPickle

3 Fall asleep and miss the whole movie

I’d do it if I notice that it was a crappy movie like foodfight. - JoeBoi

Felt like doing this when I went to see some films. Truth is, a lot of new movies suck. - PositronWildhawk

Sometimes adults can fall asleep. It isn't bad to other people, but bad to you. However, if you snore, that's bad.

If the movie were really bad then I would do this. - cosmo

4 Play a game on your device and turn it up at full volume

People would be distracted from watching the movie if someone did that. - JoeBoi

Having devices on is probably not allowed.

5 Scream at the top of your lungs

Well, babies do that in public places, especially at movie theaters when they disrupt it. This is why you should not take a baby to one and hire a babysitter to take care of him. - JoeBoi

Worst! Babies do not scream! If a older person did, that person should leave!

Nope...That is more than rude and that person should have to do wall sits for 30 minutes to an hour depending on how arrogant that person is.

6 Come in with a gun

Well, there was a shooting at a movie theater once, in 2012, in Colorado. - JoeBoi

It happened at a Century 21 in Colorado. The outcome was horrible

That scares people and causes chaos.

This is not allowed in my country. - RockFashionista

7 Sneak into the projector room and change it from the movie to a blank screen

Not during the movie.

Everyone would be angry - Jordansalesguy2392

...Just while the commercials are on...Please?

8 Cut the power

Can anyone do that?

9 Laugh as loud as possible
10 Shout out spoilers

Imagine how annoying this would be to the people who HATE spoilers. (Me, for example.) - RockFashionista

The Contenders

11 Climb down the seats
12 Eat loudly
13 Vomit

If you vomit, it isn't your fault. Especially if you are a child. But you should run to the restroom.

On my popcorn...You little shush.

14 Rip the screen the movie is being showed on
15 Press the fire alarm for no reason
16 Spit on all the seats
17 Bring a baby
18 Cry
19 Play loud music
20 Throw popcorn around
21 Shout fire!
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