Top Ten Worst Things to Do When Sad


The Top Ten

1 Kill yourself

Yep killing your self is not a good idea - kosdff

Isn't this a list

2 Kill someone

Well you will go to jail for murder - kosdff

3 Blow up something

So you would by a bom to do this also this is what a crazy person would do.

I mean like blowing up famous places like the boston marathon or blowing up the movies or something and buy blow up I mean like puting bombs or things - kosdff

4 Cry
5 Become a terrorist

Destroy builder and bombing places almost like blowing something up but only working for someone or bombing on a plane - kosdff

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6 Shoot the next person you see

Well that's a dumb thing to do when sad - kosdff

7 Talk about how sad you are to random people
8 Punch some you see

You will go to jail for doing this - kosdff

9 Yell at someone

Well it would be pretty random - kosdff

10 Troll people on the Internet

Yea I sort of mean by being bad to people on the Internet just because your sad or in games - kosdff

The Contenders

11 Cut yourself
12 Listen to Barbie Girl
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