Worst Things Done by Warrior Cats

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1 Tigerstar - Wanting to Rule the Forest

I would understand wanting to be leader someday, because of course you would, but not leader of the forest, and you don't kill to get there, you work hard.

That's...not very pleasant. Ruling the forest isn't all about bloodshed! I didn't get in the book "the last hope" what he meant by "whoever dies in my battles is doing me an favor", whatever, I JUST HATE HEARTLESS MURDERS!


He's such a control freak! Being a leader of one clan wasn't good enough for him?

Tigerbutt should be destroyes

2 Thistleclaw - Making Tigerpaw Evil

It was all his fault that five-star wanted power, and because five-star wanted power, he made SCOURGE evil, almost destroying the clans. This is why I love blue star.

Easily. Complaining about Tigerstar? Well... Never would have happened if not for this. Why isn't this #1?

He caused the rise of Scourge, by making Tigerpaw attack Scourge.

Honestly I am glad that mapleshade killed the stalkingleaf pest that was haunting the books for an eternity so it should be way lower (sorry guys but I had to say it it is ok if you like her but for me she is just so annoying) and what twistleclaw did is the reason why tigerstar wanted to rule the forest in the first place

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3 Mapleshade - Killing Spottedleaf Second Time

Umm please go die Mapleshade.

She is evil and if anyone thinks that she is good you are dumb. No offense. - AnonymousChick

Like it in the Dark Forest, Mapleshade. Because you put yourself there

I feel bad for her.


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4 Scourge - Trying to take the forest

It isn't his fault. Tigerpaw (Tigerstar) attacked him and his brother and sister hated him so he wanted revenge.

HEY WAIT A SECOND Scourge it was not his fault Tigerstars or Thistleclaws fault it was all Mapleshades she made everyone evil and the ones she made evil pass it on to others see it all makes since so don't blame him blame Mapleshade

Is bullied by siblings and attacked once, goes around killing lots of cats that did nothing. WHAT KIND OF (&"Ā£ IS THIS

5 Mapleshade - Tricking Poor Crookedstar

Crookedstar has past many poor things all Mapleshade is doing is making his life worst! If she wanted to help him...



6 Clawface - Killing Spottedleaf First Time

HE stole kits too.

7 Sharptooth - Killing Tribe Cats and Feathertail

HE WAS A MOUNTAIN LION! What was he supposed to do?

He's a Moutain Lion a savage animal.He was just defending his territory. - cassiabez

I loved Feathertail but it was mostly Stoneteller's fault

8 Firestar & Princess - Brought Cloudtail to Thunder Clan

Cloudtail was okay for the clan, and he was good for Brightheart! He had kits too, and mentored cats. He did no harm.

You should feel ashamed! I hate you anyway! Go die by me cloudtail - Leaftail

Cloudtail was amazing

I hate cloudtail he is so annoying especially when he was an apprentice! How did firestar take it all?!?! Go die in a hole cloudtail!

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9 Rainflower - Rejecting Stormkit (Crookedstar) because she "thought" he was ugly

Yeah, but I guess living with that stone where her heart should be was hard enough, though Rainflower is a piece of fox-dung, I feel bad that all that pressure, judgement, and hate was directed completely at her only. - Swiftdawn

This should be number one! Don't judge a book by its cover!

Wel, I agree this was a horrible thing to do, but I know how she felt. She renamed Stormkit so that if he died from his injury, Crookedkit, not her son Stormkit, would die and she thought she would not feel as much grief. But he lived, and she had to live with her heartlessness.

Poor Stormkit! Seriously Rainflower he's YOUR OWN KIT.

10 Bone - Killing Whitestorm

Scourge again is not dumb would if Bone had a past he needed to leave off to.

Yeah, and being with Scourge was so dumb.

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11 Brokenstar - Almost Leading Shadowclan to Death

Yeah, and he was leader of dark forest, plus killing many innocent kits and killing Ferncloud.

12 Hawkfrost - Killing Ferncloud and Hollyleaf

Yeah it was a bad choice killing Hollyleaf but Ferncloud got killed by Brokenstar. - cassiabez

He only killed Hollyleaf, but he also tried to kill Firestar.

Brokenstar killed Ferncloud. But I agree.
- Lindenheart proud deputy of ForestClan

How dare he? Just how dare he!? Evil! Just evil! I want him to diešŸ˜æ

-Badgerflame of DarkClan - Badgerflame

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13 Hawkfrost - Trying to Kill Firestar and Brambleclaw

Hawkfrost is my least favourite character for trying to kill Firestar and succeeding in killing Hollyleaf
- Lindenheart

14 Hollyleaf - Killing Ashfur

Ok but for the fact he almost killed her and her brothers on a fire he really deserved it, still kinda silly how she did it too keep Leafpool's secret and ended up telling everyone in the Gathering anyways. - cassiabez

He tried to kill her and her brothers, though. And he would spill secrets, though she didn't know this, he helped try to kill Firestar.

15 Dawnpelt - Accusing Jayfeather (Wrongly) of Killing Flametail, and Making Him Stop Doing His Outside the Clan Medicine Cat Duties

I could kill Dawnpelt for that. - Memery24

16 Leafpool - Breaking both the warrior code and medicine cat code

That wasn't a "Bad choice" if she never broke the Warrior Code the Power of Three wouldn't be born. - cassiabez

Now, I know this isn't as bad, and I don't hate on Leafpool, but it was pretty bad what she did - CuriousKitten555


17 Brokenstar - Making kits Apprentices early.

That made the kits feel so cool, but they were way too young!

18 Ashfur - Trying to kill four cats

He should have gone to Dark forest for sure.

19 Brokenstar - training innocent cats in the dark forest

Yea, he tricked them all into going against the clans!

20 Stormtail - not loving Moonflower or Blustar and Snowfur

And yes it was a bad choice - cassiabez

21 Ivypool - For being a big brat and bully to Dovewing


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