Top Worst 10 Things to Fall On


The Top Ten

1 Fire With Gasoline

Same with fire and oil - missyweirdo

You are so screwed. - Koolness88

2 Pile of Nails
3 Rattlesnake's Nest

Venom and pain is not a pleasant combination. Find an ambulance. FAST! - Koolness88

4 The Sharp Part of a Spinning Saw
5 The Tip of a Javelin

There were some javelin accidents. Don't be one of those people. - Koolness88

6 Fire Ant Nest

Bullet ant or bulldog ant sounds scarier - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

7 An Evil Ninja

Katana, ninja star, and stuff. You are screwed. - Koolness88

8 Legos
9 A Puddle of the Strongest Super Glue

When it dries of, you're stuck there almost like forever.
For most times you will be bored. In fact, I could make this higher. You will also be stuck starving, thirsty, and barely able to move. Did not mean to make you think of torture and give you nightmares about this. - Koolness88

10 Ice

Cold stuff and pain also is not good combo. - Koolness88

The Contenders

11 Poop
12 Sharp Swords
13 A Thorn Bush
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