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1 Mary Sues

I 100% agree. I think the best characters in any sort of media are the ones who are flawed to an extent. My comparison is Batman and Superman. (Spoiler, I like Batman more and no I'm not saying Superman is a Mary Sue). Batman is seen as a damaged individual who uses his anger to fix the streets of Gotham. Batman is far from perfect, he's a mere mortal who has much room to improve himself. He is not a pure soul. Superman is seen as a perfect individual. Nothing can TRULY stop him. he's way too OP for me to enjoy. He's always this Goody two shoes guy. Mary Sues are like a crappy bootlegged Superman. I'm not saying OC's should be like Batman, but they should have their own identity. It's hard to make a unique character since every type of character has been written.

Damn, Mary Sues are the most annoying little things ever. And the worst thing about them is, usually the authors who write them all defend them vehemently with stupid comebacks like "SHE IS NOT A MARY SUE SHE IS JUST PERFECT! 1! " and "loollz you're just jealous".

They base the Mary sue off of the author. THEY MAKE THEM PERFECT FOR THE FANDOM. A good character has flaws, something the bad guy can take advantage of and something the character has to overcome or accept. But Mary Sues/Gary Stus don't do that, making the audience hate them.

Oh gosh, those female characters could'nt even shut their lips up. It's about an OC character who wants to be PERFECT. But not everyone is perfect though (either Courage The Cowardly Dog is'nt perfect but don't tell me about that Blue Fetus thing). Even cartoon characters. Speaking of cartoons, some like MLP and other girly-girl twitty shows have a clear perfect examples of Mary Sues.

Also they have flaws, too. Mary Sues also have a male counterpart called Gary Stu. It's an annoying male version of Mary Sue except it has flaws.

Mary Sues belonged to fan fics but some commenters/user think that Batman and Superman are Mary Sues. They are both original and it's not canon.

Most Mary Sue characters have personalities and traits that stolen the original one's traits.
(Such as a fan fic character's trait belong to Spongebob or any loveable characters.)

Traits like being a drama queen or shyness with their cringey voice could make it worst for Mary Sues and ...more

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2 People Making Crossovers of Nickelodeon and Disney

They belong together. Nonetheless, that is quite a nuisance. - bugger

"Now I've seen everything..." -Engineer - iRocketGamer52

Crossover are not annoying! You are annoying!

Nah! CN, NICK, and DIS are best of fellows.

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3 So Many Love Stories

This should be number 1. Every love story is the same. It is the most overrated genre of all time. And when they are lemon they are sick. - Chico123

Nothing wrong with them, there's just an overabundance. - Lasvegasxavier

I like love stories, but it is when it turns into a lemon that it is gross. Look it up.

The love story's are to unrealistic for example: girl blushes guy blushes,surprise kiss you like (even though your not dating and don't know each other),crazy guy likes you you like him, there's just no realistic love fanfics I mean would you be cool if someone just kissed you no! You'd file a lawsuit or something at this point I'm gonna start writing my own through I will not be able to post itt sorry but yah can someone just make a realistic one please

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4 Bad Spelling and Grammar

Oh my God the guy who added this spelled grammar wrong. - Pikachulover1

I have good spelling but I'll admit that my grammar is terrible. But hey just because my grammar is not that good it doesn't mean that I'm lazy. I'm not lazy. I just don't know how to do great grammar.

Grammar is spelled with an A. Jeez, if you're complaining about spelling, please prove you know what you're doing!

"She LOCKED at the sky"
warriors fans will understand

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5 Really Good Stories That Are Discontinued

I really hate this. You're reading a really good story, and then next thing you know, the author posts that they are discontinuing it. WHY?!?

I hate this. Especially when the person who made it is not on that much.

I wished that if they are going to start a story, end it in some form just don't let everyone hanging.

About all my favorite fanfics are discontinued, it's even worse if it was discontinued on a cliffhanger!

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6 People Making Stories That Are Rated M

Really? It's that bad? I don't think so because there are some good ones that I've read. - iRocketGamer52

I wouldn't view this as annoying. There are people out there who are always up for reading some quality smut.

Ever read a troll fanfiction? The M rated ones are extremely funny

I've written an M-rated story, but maybe it could've been T.

7 Incest and Beastiality

It's horrible when people make characters commit things like incest and beastiality when it is not a part of a character's personality.

I hate that so much. For instance, on the Thundermans archive, like 70% of them are max/phoebe and I'm just like "No, THEY ARE TWINS AND THEY DON'T LIKE EACH OTHER"

You know, it might be interesting to read an incest story where the characters would have to deal with the consequences of having such a relationship. - alphadan12

No, doing it with Gardevoir is something that doesn't belong to the web. - Swellow

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8 Your Parents Won't Let You Do It Even Though You Really Want To

Why the hell would you tell your parents about this? That doesn't make any sense! - iRocketGamer52

I write on Fanfiction.net, and my parents know and are very supportive.

9 Crossovers of Things You Love With Things You Don't Care About

Agreed. I hate it when people make crossovers of whatever the heck they want with Kingdom Hearts and everything that has to do with it. They never make sense.

I will admit, if it weren't for crossovers like these, I would have never known about some of my favorite fandoms today. - alphadan12

There was not a single Rugrats crossover of something I cared about until I made a Spongebob and Rugrats crossover.

But see, the thing is that when it's a crossover of two things you LOVE it is the most magical thing.

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10 Stories That Don't Stay True to the Theme They're Based On

You know the point of fanfiction is to 'UNLEASH YOUR IMAGINATION' right? - ImJustSaiyan

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11 Not Enough Interesting Stories Already Posted

You should go and read mine. Some of them are great! And others are quite normal. I hope you enjoy them! - keyson

I write fanfiction and have done so for nearly five years and I have noticed half of them are self-insert, songfics, or poorly written fanfics that are a pain to read. The new stories are simply just not interesting enough...it feels like anytime I find a good story, it's buried beneath a bunch of rulebreaking songfics, challenges, SYOC's, and non-stories. Please, people, have more originality.

Fanfiction.net is like a massive tub of diarrhea with a few gold coins in it.

12 It's Hard to Think of Plot Ideas

You're tied down to a specific universal law you don't know completely that could change, ie twilight lives at golden oaks 1000yrs and tries to deal with loss but is blown up in canon universe. Plotline irrelevant and now no post s4 fans will read it with same context or they say "but castle thing now exists downvote"

13 Most People Have Never Heard of It

Sad but true. All I have to say.

I'm the only one in my circle of friends who actually cares about it.

14 The Ads That Pop Up When You Least Expect It
15 My Immortal

This has to be a troll. No one could possible write something this bad. I personally think it's very funny.

I don't understand why this isn't at ONE.

Everything wrong with fanfiction rolled into one fanfic.

My immortal isn't written by an idiot - it's written by a comedy genius. I burst out laughing at sooo many parts. It has a certain charm to it that no other fanfictions have achieved.

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16 The Eliminators and Critics United

These idiots, I remember when I was a kid and decided to write a story based on play write script as a Truth or Dare. They did not like this, ironically my stories never got unposted or deleted by FFN. Often times I'd clearly tell them to get a life and showed them SEVERAL real stories that were books written in second person point of view and play scripts. I never got a reply. Wanna know the rich part about it, one of them offered to me a link to join a Kids Next Door forum when I posted a story on it. Talk about double standers.

These two groups have to be the Nazis if the fanfiction world. If just one thing is against the rules, they either paste this huge speech about it, list everything that's wrong, or report it then and there. If you complain, the admins in Critics United will use your words against you and make you look like the bad guy. In the Eliminator's, there's an entire section for group members to post links to fanfictions that break the rules so everyone can report it at the same time. That, everyone, is why I steer clear of that site these days.

Ironically for a critiquing group, they can't handle criticism towards themselves. - alphadan12

They are horrible! I agree with whoever said they're Nazis, because they are!

17 POP (A.K.A. Porn Without Plot)

I hate it when people write fanfiction just for the sake of having two characters screwing around. That's not a story; that's porn.

What is the point of this? I don't want to read about two characters' sex life, I want to read a story that has effort put into it.

Like, dude, if there's no plot, it's not a story. If you just want to write porn for the sake of writing porn, I think you're going to the wrong site.

Wouldn't it be PWP?

18 Unfinished Fanfictions

I've read some unfinished fanfictions before and while they do have good plots, it still leaves us hanging like that. It's so depressing. It's like reading a novel that isn't finished or a show ending without a good finale. - Murvine_Taylor

This isn't on fanfiction.com, it's on deviantart.com. It's called "Finnceline" and it's by this gifted artist who goes by the name Vika01. The only problem was that it was in Spanish but it did have an English text under the comic. She drew and created the story plot line. It was so perfect and then one day she just said she was going to stop writing the comic! I was so mad and she ended it at the worst possible place in the story! Why?! Why?! Finnceline is the best shipping (next to Infinite eyerolls) and she just gave up on it!

I have been waiting forever for someone to update the over the garden wall fanfiction "It wasn't a dream". Wirt and Beatrice need to go out! What chapter are they going out? I need her/him to finish it for me!

I was reading a really good Finnceline fanfiction called "My friends older brother". It had a really good plot to it but it kept trailing off in the middle of the story. At one point I just decided to stop reading it and go to the Finnceline fanfiction called "Be my escape".

19 Not being able to edit or delete your own comment.

Out of all the options here, this is the funniest - WoolenArale

20 My Little Pony Crossovers With Everything

The show is already to popular with it being overrated. (THE ANIMATION AND CHARACTERS ARE BLAND) Yet people need to make pony crossovers with every show that doesn't even have anything to do with it. JUST WHY?!

I hate these. Honestly, people write the stupidest crossovers with my little pony. WRITE A CROSSOVER THAT MAKES SOME SENSE. I don't care if it makes sense, but most crossovers with mlp don't make sense. It's sad.

I heard people are shipping Twilight and Mordecai!

My little pony and Assassin's Creed. A true nightmare.

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21 Authors Who Write Characters "Out of Character"

Yeah this sucks

Karel from Fire Emblem comes in mind... The fandumb makes him a villain when the truth is that he's one of the heroes in the game.

22 Gay Fanfictions

I am fine with gays, but sometimes I feel more comfortable reading straight fanfiction. Again, nothing wrong with gays at all, but come on.

I read a Fred and Shaggy ship fanfiction that disgusted me to my core. Jeez.

The main problem with this is that most of these stories were written BADLY. I don't care that they write LGBT fanfiction, I care that they're bad at it! - alphadan12

I actually really like gay fanfiction (Marthur, Stingue, Drarry). It doesn't matter to me what sexuality they are as long as the fanfiction is good. Also, there are some canon gay couples, such as Malec (Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood) - RebeccaDarking

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23 Rape As a Romance Device

This is what caused the birth of 50 shades of grey, which was originally a twilight fanfiction.

THis is no joke. - HeavyDonkeyKong

Come on, that's actually good for the plot.

24 People Making "word-for-word" Parodies
25 Bubbline

I hate this shipping!


26 Flamers and Trolls

Flamers are stupid, but certain types of trolls can be fun. Some trolls go write hateful reviews and fanfictions, or write the grossest things imaginable, while most others can be really nice actually. They are not looking to write something serious, they just want to make people laugh (although they can be immature or inappropriate at times).

Don't like what I did with my fanfiction, why cause drama, mostly a bunch of losers who flame and troll authors but don't write anything themselves.

27 Herr Wozzeck
28 Romance Not Done Right

It's as simple as that - iRocketGamer52

29 Farla

She just gives writers constructive criticism,right?

Why is this bitch still on the site, she seriously needs to get laid, instead of talking about the way people write their stories, not to mention her fan fiction is complete garbage.

30 Jonathan121

A Vegeta Fanboy that bashes Fanfiction over Grammar, yet his grammar skills are ridiculous for a 14 year old, I'm sure this punk probably ends up in detention most of the time; he praises fanfiction that doesn't need improving, by implementing his own sick ideas involving sexual organs and penis jokes; and acts psychotic over the way Vegeta is used in Fanfiction; please avoid this loser at all costs.

31 People Who Steal Your Content

Ugh. I've had this happen to me thrice already. People creating re-writes without asking. - VeronikaHolm

32 Ban on Script Format

Because sometimes the script format is better for the type of story. There are a few fanfics with script format, but there's an exception to every rule. - lavashooter

I write script better. And its banned why?
Its an acquired taste is why

33 The Confusing Steps to Adding a Chapter

Archive of Our Own is ten times easier to use. Copy-paste is your friend.

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34 Fanfiction Purging Stories

This happened to me. I worked so hard on it, and I wasn't even close to finishing. what!?!?!

35 The Sonic's Return Fanfiction

I don't get this fan fiction. What happened to tails? He looks different! Why does he die? Did it really need to be so dramatic?

36 Romance Fanfictions Where the Lover Dies and the Other Lover Has to Move On or Kills Him/her Self

I can't tell you how many times I've read a Finnceline fanfiction where Finn dies and Marceline either kills herself or moves on! I'm sick of people doing that!

37 The Bad Endings

An example? The first fic I mentioned in my comment about adventure time fans in "most annoying fan bases" has a superhypermegaextradisgusting ending! The author ruined everything with that mutation and awful sound we readers didn't care about! I'll shield marceline from those things forever, if all vampires were flowers she'd be the one I'd pick... Damn I'm crying because of this sentence.

A lot of the fanfictions I read have super bad endings!

38 Psychotic Fanbases

Yes,many adventure time "fans" invaded fanfiction.net and dishonored that show uploading absurd stories and writing absurd comments such as "this should be an adventure time episode" or "i should send pendelton ward a twit with the link to this story":are you kidding?!?

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39 Zoe Nightshade

Sociopath that writes crappy Percy Jackson Fanfiction, but flame anybody's stories she feels that she doesn't like; she thinks anyone who puts no flames in their description deserves to be flamed; Worst of all she has a topic on the Forums where her and a bunch of other flamers make fun of people's fanfiction and the authors.

40 People Are Intolerant

Compared to the lesser-used Archive of Our Own, people on FF.net are really insensituve and will bash the author for minor things

41 Bad Second Seasons

I hate it when you read a fanfiction and it's OK and has a pretty good ending, but then there's a second season and it's not even near as good as the first one.

I call this fanfic fanfic

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