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21 Unfinished Fanfictions

I've read some unfinished fanfictions before and while they do have good plots, it still leaves us hanging like that. It's so depressing. It's like reading a novel that isn't finished or a show ending without a good finale. - Murvine_Taylor

This isn't on fanfiction.com, it's on deviantart.com. It's called "Finnceline" and it's by this gifted artist who goes by the name Vika01. The only problem was that it was in Spanish but it did have an English text under the comic. She drew and created the story plot line. It was so perfect and then one day she just said she was going to stop writing the comic! I was so mad and she ended it at the worst possible place in the story! Why?! Why?! Finnceline is the best shipping (next to Infinite eyerolls) and she just gave up on it!

I have been waiting forever for someone to update the over the garden wall fanfiction "It wasn't a dream". Wirt and Beatrice need to go out! What chapter are they going out? I need her/him to finish it for me!

I was reading a really good Finnceline fanfiction called "My friends older brother". It had a really good plot to it but it kept trailing off in the middle of the story. At one point I just decided to stop reading it and go to the Finnceline fanfiction called "Be my escape".

22 Gay Fanfictions

I am fine with gays, but sometimes I feel more comfortable reading straight fanfiction. Again, nothing wrong with gays at all, but come on.

I read a Fred and Shaggy ship fanfiction that disgusted me to my core. Jeez.

The main problem with this is that most of these stories were written BADLY. I don't care that they write LGBT fanfiction, I care that they're bad at it! - alphadan12

I actually really like gay fanfiction (Marthur, Stingue, Drarry). It doesn't matter to me what sexuality they are as long as the fanfiction is good. Also, there are some canon gay couples, such as Malec (Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood) - RebeccaDarking

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23 Rape As a Romance Device

This is what caused the birth of 50 shades of grey, which was originally a twilight fanfiction.

THis is no joke. - HeavyDonkeyKong

Come on, that's actually good for the plot.

24 People Making "word-for-word" Parodies
25 Bubbline

I hate this shipping!


26 Flamers and Trolls

Flamers are stupid, but certain types of trolls can be fun. Some trolls go write hateful reviews and fanfictions, or write the grossest things imaginable, while most others can be really nice actually. They are not looking to write something serious, they just want to make people laugh (although they can be immature or inappropriate at times).

Don't like what I did with my fanfiction, why cause drama, mostly a bunch of losers who flame and troll authors but don't write anything themselves.

27 Herr Wozzeck
28 Romance Not Done Right

It's as simple as that - iRocketGamer52

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30 Jonathan121

A Vegeta Fanboy that bashes Fanfiction over Grammar, yet his grammar skills are ridiculous for a 14 year old, I'm sure this punk probably ends up in detention most of the time; he praises fanfiction that doesn't need improving, by implementing his own sick ideas involving sexual organs and penis jokes; and acts psychotic over the way Vegeta is used in Fanfiction; please avoid this loser at all costs.

31 Ban on Script Format

Because sometimes the script format is better for the type of story. There are a few fanfics with script format, but there's an exception to every rule. - lavashooter

I write script better. And its banned why?
Its an acquired taste is why

32 The Confusing Steps to Adding a Chapter

Archive of Our Own is ten times easier to use. Copy-paste is your friend.

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33 Fanfiction Purging Stories

This happened to me. I worked so hard on it, and I wasn't even close to finishing. what!?!?!

34 The Sonic's Return Fanfiction

I don't get this fan fiction. What happened to tails? He looks different! Why does he die? Did it really need to be so dramatic?

35 Romance Fanfictions Where the Lover Dies and the Other Lover Has to Move On or Kills Him/her Self

I can't tell you how many times I've read a Finnceline fanfiction where Finn dies and Marceline either kills herself or moves on! I'm sick of people doing that!

36 The Bad Endings

An example? The first fic I mentioned in my comment about adventure time fans in "most annoying fan bases" has a superhypermegaextradisgusting ending! The author ruined everything with that mutation and awful sound we readers didn't care about! I'll shield marceline from those things forever, if all vampires were flowers she'd be the one I'd pick... Damn I'm crying because of this sentence.

A lot of the fanfictions I read have super bad endings!

37 Psychotic Fanbases

Yes,many adventure time "fans" invaded fanfiction.net and dishonored that show uploading absurd stories and writing absurd comments such as "this should be an adventure time episode" or "i should send pendelton ward a twit with the link to this story":are you kidding?!?

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38 Zoe Nightshade

Sociopath that writes crappy Percy Jackson Fanfiction, but flame anybody's stories she feels that she doesn't like; she thinks anyone who puts no flames in their description deserves to be flamed; Worst of all she has a topic on the Forums where her and a bunch of other flamers make fun of people's fanfiction and the authors.

39 People Are Intolerant

Compared to the lesser-used Archive of Our Own, people on FF.net are really insensituve and will bash the author for minor things

40 People Who Steal Your Content

Ugh. I've had this happen to me thrice already. People creating re-writes without asking. - VeronikaHolm

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