Top Ten Worst Things To Find Inside Your Head


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21 The Person You Still Love That Has Left You

I thought I got over her... - ethanmeinster

22 A Brain

A brain is supposed to be in there - 2storm

It isn't a dumb organ! - Animefan12

23 Plankton

You won't notice it when he shifts into MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE! (I had to put that a terrorist forced me to put it in there)

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24 Nothingness

Many people have it, or don't have it, or how is it? Laugh out loud

You would have at least something, or maybe... Not - Animefan12

25 A Crayon

This is actually why Homer Simpson is such a moron, he has a crayon in his brain.

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26 A Condom

Why the heck would you want one in your head? - Kiteretsunu

27 Tumbleweed
28 A Duck
29 PositronWildhawk

Definitely something's wrong with the one who put this option. Hey guy (the putter) you'd better go to doctor! - Fan_of_Good_Music

Would he lecture my brain? Oh wait, my brain is cramped with information... - Pony

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30 A Penis
31 Bubsy 3D

Who keeps on puting this game on the lists!

32 A Toy Car

So that was that banging noise in my head!

33 A Rotating Ninjablade

That would do more than keep me awake - PositronWildhawk

There is one rotating in my head. I can feel it. - Kiteretsunu

34 Voices That Aren't Yours
35 A Hand
36 A Bra
37 Another Person
38 Blue Tape
39 Bad Brain Breath
40 Green Eggs And Ham
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