Top Ten Worst Things to Find In Your Kids Bedroom


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1 Drugs

Using drugs = end of your life - Delgia2k

That should be number 1. Everybody knows that kids aren't supposed to use drugs

This would just be absolutely horrifying. - Minecraftcrazy530

Even worse if they are drug dealers - jmepa1234

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2 A Condom

Better than finding them having sex! At least they used protection! - keycha1n

And you find it next to your naked son and daughter...

What if it failed. You don't want another kid, do you

I'm never using a condom. - Therandom

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3 A Pedophile In Bed With Your Kid

I'd murder them. I don't care if I go to jail but these people are so disgusting. - Lunala

I would yell at the pedophile and call the police

How would they even get in? - RockFashionista

I have a couple of jokes I could make but I won't. - Therandom

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4 Dead Body

Murder + necrophilia is a splendid combination. Add a touch of cannibalism and it's party time! - bobbythebrony

Because you don't want your child sleeping with the decomposing dead body! - kaitlynrad11

Necrophilia or murder, which is worse?...

Whatever I do, I will not leave a sharp knife on my bed just in case I got murdered myself - bugger

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5 Panties

If they were a boy, what if they were a cross-dresser? - Turkeyasylum

It would be normal if you are a girl or a cross-dressing boy.

It would be normal if it was a girl

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6 Your Wife/Husband V 4 Comments
7 A Hostage

The legal fees would be exorbitant... - Pluma

8 Poop

This isn't the WORST thing on the list. - Minecraftcrazy530

Nobody will crap on the bed, all older kids do is go to the bathroom if their holding. - bugger

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9 A Skeleton

What if it's a model?

Well at least you don't have to do anymore jobs for your kid.

Who wants to find a skeleton in a child's room? So scary!

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11 Justin Bieber Albums

That would honestly be worse than finding a condom. At least a condom would mean that your kid is heterosexual - Shake_n_Bake13

Not to be mean but, the Justin Bieber joke is getting really old. - nintendofan126

I actually added this because I had no more ideas left... Same with nicki. - DapperPickle

Just.. Can't even get the words out

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12 A Computer With Porn Showing

I've made this mistake once and I will never do it again. EVER. (but I'm still watching porn, though)

13 A Report Card With All Fs

Mother:show me your report card. Daughter:ok. Mother:ARE YOU SERIOUS? 'YOU GOT ALL Fs Daugther:But I can explain Mother:your grounded - Jordansalesguy2392

Ie ie ie parents today don't understand they see Fs and whip out a punishment 1000 worse than it should be no wonder kids are failing today! - Bubblegumrage456

14 A Dildo

Why do they even make these kinds of things? OPPOSITE sexes are supposed to marry, not same sexes!

This List Is Just Getting More Sexual... - RockStarr

15 A Copy of Tentacolino

Let's hope no kid EVER knows about this movie!

16 A Gun

To be honest it doesn't sound very pleasant for a parent to see that in their childs room... - Flowersocks2137

17 Deadly Weapons

Your kid probably killed 55 people and robbed a bank. Parents should be looking out for their kids more. If he was in my house, I would call the cops.

Find out your kid is a killer?! - MissWinnipegJets

18 A Prostitute

Why else did little Johnny ask for our money?

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19 Kill List
20 Used Tampon

+Turkeyasylum Uh. Okay... I know why it'd be there if he were male, but...

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