Worst Things for a Raft to Be Made of

If a raft is made out of these then it's likely gonna sink to the ocean floor as I speak. This is my first debut list

The Top Ten

1 Paper

The paper would absorb the water and sink to the ocean floor. Yeah, not recommended - WalterWalker66

2 Balloons

While this may not seem bad but what if you carry a sharp object? Let that flow in to your mind - WalterWalker66

You've misspelled "balloon."

3 Plastic Bottles

Isn't enough for you to float at the ocean surface. For some reason, I imagine some guy floating on the surface using plastic bottles during a flood - WalterWalker66

Are you wholly unfamiliar with inflatables, or, for that matter life vests? How about pontoons?

4 A Light and Thin Slab of Wood

A light & thin slab of wood isn't enough for keeping you floating on the surface because of your heavy weight - WalterWalker66

Ya mean like a SURF BOARD?

5 Metal

Apparently, you've never heard of aluminum, you know, the stuff of which many boats are made. Or maybe you've never seen those huge STEEL barges that navigate the Mississippi?

Weight can be balanced out by surface area ever heard of the second Punic War Hannibal floats ELEPHANTS across a river using rafts weight balanced by surface area

The material is too heavy for a raft, you would be floating with this for a second - WalterWalker66

6 Tinfoil

Won't be keeping you floating, enough said - WalterWalker66

7 Leaves

In a stranded in a island situation, making a raft made out of leaf might pop in to your head but a raft made out of leaf would guarantee you floating at the ocean surface for a SECOND - WalterWalker66

Believe you mean LEAVES.

8 Wool

This suffers the same problem as a light and thin slab - WalterWalker66

No. Not "the same problem." Here, it's ABSORPTION.

9 Strings

Will take you a lot of time sewing a raft but why would anybody be willing to ride a raft made out of strings? - WalterWalker66

10 Dead Bodies

The Contenders

11 Straw
12 Telephone Wires

Can't imagine anybody making a raft made out of TELEPHONE WIRES - WalterWalker66

13 Ice

Ice might be easy to make and you might have frozen it at -100 Celsius salt will help thaw it up on the up side you can share one enourmous salt flavored slush puppy with friends

14 Feces
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