Worst Things for a Surgeon to Do During An Operation


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1 Cut off something that was not meant to be cut off

Yew! An extra load of work then. That sucks. - LightningBlade

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2 Forget the anesthetic

Imagine how much all of that would hurt! Forgetting the anaesthetic is a big deal! - PositronWildhawk

3 Get drunk

If all of the surgeons were drunk, I would fear for the patient! - PositronWildhawk

God, that would be so unpleasant! And they would all be sacked!

If surgeon has a heart, he would drink before he operates. - LightningBlade

4 Remove a limb without telling the patient
5 Drop something into the body

Like his watch for instance. I should imagine after a while the unforttnate patient would be sorely "ticked' off! - Britgirl

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6 Smoke

If you're working on the lungs, having the surgeons smoke will only worsen everything - PositronWildhawk

7 Transplant the wrong organ

It means you still have an organ that needs transplanting. It would NOT be good. - PositronWildhawk

8 Break something that was fine initially
9 "Play" with the body

This is a little warped! - Britgirl

Cold. ,
The fog...
Can't see...


10 Leave a radiation source inside the body

It all depends on the form of radiation, but if it's going to harm you, and lasts long, that's dumb and dangerous! - PositronWildhawk

The Contenders

11 Eat
12 Die laughing
13 Turn up ill and work on a patient with no immune system
14 Fall asleep
15 Attempt a head transplant

Imagine if the patient's family heard "we attempted a head transplant, and suddenly lost him/her". Not nice. - PositronWildhawk

16 Die
17 Laugh
18 Send a text
19 Listen to heavy metal
20 Sing Weird Al Yankovic's "Like a Surgeon"

I was gonna vote for listen to heavy metal but I'd rather go into the room with him listening to metal than this, especially after seeing the music video laugh out loud - Danielsun182

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