Top 10 Worst Things for Your Butt to Be Made Of


The Top Ten

1 Wax
2 Clay

You have to shape your butt every time you stand. - Animefan12

3 Lead

Your butt would be really heavy, every time you have to sit, you must sit on a car jack and when you have to get up, you must lift the jack. Oh, wait. Even if you stand, you'll fall down. - Animefan12

You would sink in water! - Kaboom

4 Thorns
5 Uranium
6 Sodium

It reacts vigorously with air at room temperature and even reacts with cold water. So, you're in danger. - Animefan12

Every time you wash it, it'll violently effervesce and leave an unpleasant hydroxide up your back and inside you. That is, if it's mostly or entirely sodium. - PositronWildhawk

7 Coconut Husk
8 Paper

If this was what your butt was made out of it would probably fall apart - NESSquid

9 Poop
10 Dry Ice

The Contenders

11 Concrete
12 Sea Sponge
13 Plastic
14 Tar
15 Skin

Which is already what your butt is. - Goatworlds

Who put skin up here

16 Candy

What's so bad bout that? When you're hungry, just lick your butt. - Goatworlds

17 Ant Hills
18 Fur
19 Metal
20 Grease
21 Tooth Amalgam
22 Tree Bark
23 Needles
24 Water
25 Kryptonite

Just pull down your pants and Superman would be down in a minute!

26 Sulfuric Acid
27 Potassium Hydroxide
28 Osmium

It's the heaviest metal...Gonna be a hard time with a butt made of that. - Neeoo

29 Tide Pods
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