Top 10 Worst Things for Your Butt to Be Made Of


The Top Ten

1 Wax
2 Clay

You have to shape your butt every time you stand. - Animefan12

3 Lead

Your butt would be really heavy, every time you have to sit, you must sit on a car jack and when you have to get up, you must lift the jack. Oh, wait. Even if you stand, you'll fall down. - Animefan12

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4 Thorns
5 Uranium
6 Sodium

It reacts vigorously with air at room temperature and even reacts with cold water. So, you're in danger. - Animefan12

Every time you wash it, it'll violently effervesce and leave an unpleasant hydroxide up your back and inside you. That is, if it's mostly or entirely sodium. - PositronWildhawk

7 Coconut Husk
8 Paper

If this was what your butt was made out of it would probably fall apart - NESSquid

9 Poop
10 Dry Ice

The Contenders

11 Concrete
12 Sea Sponge
13 Plastic V 1 Comment
14 Tar
15 Skin

Which is already what your butt is. - Goatworlds

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16 Candy

What's so bad bout that? When you're hungry, just lick your butt. - Goatworlds

17 Ant Hills
18 Fur
19 Metal
20 Grease
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