Worst Things to Forget On Christmas

It's the best time of the year... So don't forget these things. It's the 14th and it's 11 days till Christmas! I'm Garythesnail and today is my day for the Christmas countdown lists.

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1 The Birth of Jesus Christ

Something which is being forgotten about more and more as the years go on. - Britgirl

It's easy to forget with the other traditions, but please, don't forget about our savior. (Unless you're not Christian) - CardboardBox

If I did this... I will feel nothing but guilt for the rest of my life. - nintendofan126

Something that's slipping from the whole holiday. Its Christmas after all! - keycha1n

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2 Your Family

Without them it's not really Christmas. - Garythesnail

3 Presents

Well, this would be rather awkward. - PetSounds

This can disappoint people. - Garythesnail

4 A Family Tradition You Do Every Year
5 Decorations
6 Food
7 The Day of Christmas
8 The Names of Your Family

Yeah, of course, with Christmas comes memory loss! Who'd have... Err... - PositronWildhawk

And don't forget to breathe and walk and talk and eat and... - funnyuser

9 What Time the Family Is Coming
10 The Presents
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