Top 10 Worst Things to Forget

Forgetting These Kinds of things will cause you life to be miserable so please don't forget these things!

The Top Ten Worst Things to Forget

Your Name
To Save Your Game

Imagine if you beated the last boss on super Mario galaxy 2 and then you turn it off and then... OH NO I FORGOT TO SAVE! Yes! That would hurt real bad.

This shouldn't even be #1, because games ain't really important, not even a priority.

The Power of Speech
Your Homework

This will affect your grades guys. And Will make you fail.

Where You Live
Who Your Family is
Your Phone Number

I can’t remember my phone number

To Collect Your Child from School

Who would forget this?! - Entranced98

Your Security Checks Before Going on Holiday
To Study for Your Test

How is it possible to to forget to study? It's essential. You CAN'T forget! - Britgirl

I do that most of the times when a test is coming. And I got D's and f's :(

Exactly why would you forget to study for a test? - canesfootball

The Contenders

The Bathroom Door

At home its find as long as if you got your own bathroom or friends are not over. But At school however... HAHAAHA! THIS GUY HAS PONY UNDERWEARS AHAHAAHAHAA! Yes! That would cause suicidal thoughts.

Your Password

That happened to me once

I forgot my kindle password and I totally lost it -_-

To Get Dressed for School

Forgetting to dress for anything is unfortunate. And particularly if you open your front door and say, "I'm coming, world! " - PositronWildhawk

You would go to school in your pajamas! Unless... - funnyuser

Thank god I didn't * Shudder*

To Watch Your Favorite Show

Never forget to watch Sherlock

NO! I FORGOT IT! WHY! * Cries* Yes that would be yours and my reaction if you forgot about it.

Your Bookbag

Then you will get 10 Times more work at school tomorrow and a detention.

Pin Number or Password
The Name of Your Date
Names of People
To Play With Your Friends

Unbelivable. Then you will never see your friends again.

That You're Grounded

Then You would get even more groundings

That You Have To Breathe

I don't think you will, bit it would be horrible if you did. - funnyuser

Isn't this one obvious guys?

Yea that would be a little bit of a problem...

That It Is Your Wedding Day
Your Keys
That You Have to Go to School

Well at least you can relax. But when you come back... MORE WORK! NO! SO yea forgetting things can be a little painful sometimes. So bye.

Your Cell Phone
The Current Date
To Take Your Pills
Your Sense of Humour
Her Birthday

Everyone seems to forget mine :(

To Ring Your Mum or Dad
To Turn the Stove Off

Oopsies you get payback. - funnyuser

The Date of Your Wedding Aniversary
Your Wallet
Items You Need at the Grocery Store
Special Occasions
Your Nintendo 3DS

Say if there's no wifi on bus your 3ds will come in handy!

The Law
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