Top 10 Worst Things in Video Games

After the abysmal wreck also known as RCT4 Mobile has been released, and everyone hates it for what is in it. What are the worst things in Games? Here's the list
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1 Microtransactions

Gamers hate them. We all hate them. Especially if the game hinders your progress if you don't buy more coins or whatever. Games are becoming more grindy and tedious because of this. The scumbag companies want us to fork more money over to them or they will HINDER our progress. If I ever make a game, I'll make sure not to even glimpse at microtransactions.

The definition of Fortnite

The other definition is Fortnite is one giant ad that ruins other games, social media, commercials, movies, T.V. shows, songs and the game itself.

Imagine God of War 5 will be a pay to win game

2 Friend Barriers

Ugh... The reason I can't stand social gaming. Why do I have to just get some friends just to progress in an otherwise single player game? Where's the point in that? You need 3 friends to "help" you progress to the next world... WHY? WHAT'S THE POINT BEHIND THIS? To get more people to play the game? Well then here's my response: NO! I WON'T SUPPORT YOUR GAME IF YOU INCLUDE THIS BULLSHT! Also the reason for very annoying game requests. Nobody likes them, they're turning into a meme for DO NOT WANT!

Nintendo in a nutshell.

3 Wait Times

Another thing that's often done poorly if not absolutely awfully. I'm not going to claim to be the most patient person, Actually, I'm the last person to come to for patience. The more you play a game the longer and l o n g e r (see what I did there? ) these get, the less patient I get and the quicker I stop playing, for good.

I must wait 4hrs to get all energy in pokemon picross.

4 Premium Currencies

It's a requirement for any Facebook game to have. You spend real money to get more. Usually used to instantly finish things or to bypass "friend barriers", Better idea. DON'T HAVE THAT BULLSHT IN THE FIRST PLACE!


Many would agree that DLC is killing gaming. I also agree. Instead of getting the full game for that £50 you paid for it, how about you get half the game for your £50 and then there's 3 DLC packs costing £20 each. £110 for the full game. I wouldn't pay that much to buy the full game! The proper way to do this is to release the game, wait a couple of years for the buzz to die down a bit and then come out with your expansion packs. Then, gamers don't feel like they've been ripped off!

6 Gamebreaking Glitches

Some glitches are gamebreaking, some are amusing (Character Spaz - Goldeneye N64) and some can even be helpful (Break Bedrock glitch - Minecraft) but still, it's a glitch, it shouldn't be there.
The game breaking glitches have ruined games everywhere.

You just been caught by the glitch gremlin.

7 Bullies

"another awesome game ruined by pay to win"
"another game is not pay to win ruined by toxic community"


8 Quality Over Quantity
9 Chat

mostly dating site

10 Quantity Over Quality
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11 Lag
12 Bad Controls
13 Tedious Missions
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