Top Ten Worst Things to Get for Christmas

The Top Ten Worst Things to Get for Christmas

1 Bottle Cap

Honestly, bottle caps are worth litterally 2 cents and in Canada pennies don't exist anymore. Give that to someone else. Not me, and probably not. Rather get a two for team and two for you for and you kit.

Maybe Bert from Sesame street will be delighted if he gets a bottlecap for Christmas. (Because you know how much he adores bottlecaps! )

Mom: Merry Christmas! I got you something!
Me: ( in my mind) Wow! Is it the new book I wanted?
Mom: Hope you like it!
Me: *rips open present* uh, is this a mistake?
Mom: it's a bottle cap!
All in all: try to avoid bottle caps on Christmas

2 Stick

Absolutely the worst thing you can get for Christmas as its telling you that you have been a bad boy! I once got a bag of sticks for Christmas!

Who would get their child a stick, we are not Hunters and Gatherers, we don't need them to make a Spear!

I once got a bag of sticks for my Christmas present saying that I have been a bad boy! Fyi it's a stick from a tree!

Sure, but what type? Hockey? Something else? Whatever. It's a 2 cm long stick from a tree. Thanks, people. :(

3 A Fanboy and Chum-Chum DVD

I hate fanboy and chum chum

I love fanboy and chum-chum.

4 Cardboard Box

Yay. Give it to my cats. Scratch scratch. Oh, yay. Can't wait for next Christmas.

This can be pretty useful



5 A Piece of Crap
6 Fingernail

That would just be gross.

I'm eating a fingernail right now

7 A Box of Cockroaches
8 A Dora DVD
9 Ball Of Dust

Honestly, no person likes that.

10 Recycled Writing Paper

Recycled writing paper! Its not even GOOD recycled paper. Its grainy as hell, it has a really bad green hue, and its some terrible adaption of wide rule!

I wouldn’t mind getting this. I LOVE to draw!

The Contenders

11 Justin Bieber CD

Some things on this list make sense, but something like a dora DVD or a Justin Bieber CD- At least you could probably sell it or give to someone else (With children under 5). The worst part is that I wrote this comment in September.

Totally one of the worst things that you can get for Christmas!

I just love to Hit on Justin Bieber as he is a complete, well I'd rather not say...

Definitely one of the worst things you can get for Christmas!

12 5 Yen

25 cents in America

How much is that?

The currency of Japan. I can’t speak Japanese or ever DREAM of going to Japan! In fact, I hardly know anyone who’s Japanese! What are you going to do with 5 yen? You can’t buy anything with 5 yen! All you can buy is a half of a paperclip!

13 A Dead Goldfish

Yaya new pet oh no it's dead

My mom got me a goldfish right before Christmas and he died on Christmas Eve

14 A Bomb
15 Grenade

What, the Bruno mars song?

No, not that kind of grenade, my fine chap. The one that ticks down the passing seconds and therfefore leads to a colossal explosion!

16 Blood on the Dance Floor CDs Blood on the Dance Floor is an American scene duo currently consisting of Dahvie Vanity and Fallon Vendetta that formed in 2006. Former members include Jayy von Monroe (2009-2016) and Garrett Ecstasy (2009). All of them provided vocals to the project. more.
17 Teen Titans Go! DVDs

These are the worst things that are on this list out of all of them.

18 A High Five
19 A Sanjay and Craig DVD
20 A Breadwinners DVD
21 A Hitler Fake Mustache
22 Food Fight!
23 Nicki Minaj CD
24 A Pet Spider
25 An STD

Please elaborate!

26 Porno Movies

I Got One Before, Doesn't Santa Know I Don't Watch This Crap,
Or Is He On Drugs? ~ Oliversky

I was actually got one of those for my Christmas Present.

What's so bad about these?

That would be incredibly awkward since I’m 14.

27 Poop Emoji Plush
28 Bubsy 3D
29 Meth

Who the hell are you? Walter "Battenburg" White?

Say my name!

Walter White?

damn right!

30 Norm of the North
31 The Emoji Movie
32 Underpants
33 Socks
34 Super Mario Galaxy

What's so bad about this?

35 Osama Bin Laden Doll
36 An Annoying Orange
37 Xbox One

What Xbox Ones are awesome! Whoever put this on here must’ve been on LSD and thought he typed in PS4 because those are dumb.

38 Coal

Did you know that the tradition of bad children getting coal in their Christmas stocking actually originated from Italy?

39 Fake Beats Headphones

Deats by NANI
Sound by Steve
Meats by Dr. Dre
Heats by Bass
Beats by Dad
Seats by Dr. Dre
Deats by Dr. Dre
The. Best. Sound.
Stereo Haedphones

Man, I could go on all day. There are LOADS of fake Beats out there.

40 Clothes

All of my presents, were clothes

41 Garbage

Warrior: Well, I gotta 'ave garbage! 'Is Lordship needs garbage! we ALL need garbage!

Garbage? There is no garbage! (Tugs reference)

42 Absolutely Nothing
43 A Creeper

A creeper? Aw man...

44 A Toilet Brush
45 Big Rigs: Over The Road Racing
46 A Dead Body
47 Dust
48 Fruitcake

This has got to be the worst thing that you get for Christmas. They are given every year to people who do not like them!

Absolutely the most disqusting thing that you can receive!

49 Ugly Christmas Ornaments

What can one say when you are given for a gift for Christmas and it looks as horrid as can be. All you can do is smile and then throw it away.

Boy did I receive a lot of these! I smiled and then threw it away!

50 Star vs. The Forces of Evil DVD

I like STVsTFOE. But if you whiny nostalgia Nazis come and moan and complain at me, here's my message.

"Respect my opinions on modern cartoons or GTFO! "

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