Top Ten Worst Things to Get for Christmas


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1 Bottle Cap

Honestly, bottle caps are worth litterally 2 cents and in Canada pennies don't exist anymore. Give that to someone else. Not me, and probably not. Rather get a two for team and two for you for and you kit. - SuperBacca

Just wait for the nuclear apocalypse. - doodie

Maybe Bert from Sesame street will be delighted if he gets a bottlecap for Christmas. (Because you know how much he adores bottlecaps! )

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2 Stick

Absolutely the worst thing you can get for Christmas as its telling you that you have been a bad boy! I once got a bag of sticks for Christmas!

Who would get their child a stick, we are not Hunters and Gatherers, we don't need them to make a Spear!

I once got a bag of sticks for my Christmas present saying that I have been a bad boy! Fyi it's a stick from a tree!

3 Cardboard Box

Yay. Give it to my cats. Scratch scratch. Oh, yay. Can't wait for next Christmas. - SuperBacca

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4 Fingernail

I'm eating a fingernail right now

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5 Ball Of Dust

Honestly, no person likes that. - SuperBacca

6 A Piece of Crap
7 A Dora DVD
8 Recycled Writing Paper

Recycled writing paper! Its not even GOOD recycled paper. Its grainy as hell, it has a really bad green hue, and its some terrible adaption of wide rule! - SuperBacca

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10 A Dead Goldfish

Yaya new pet oh no it's dead

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11 Justin Bieber CD

Some things on this list make sense, but something like a dora DVD or a Justin Bieber CD- At least you could probably sell it or give to someone else (With children under 5). The worst part is that I wrote this comment in September.

I just love to Hit on Justin Bieber as he is a complete, well I'd rather not say...

Totally one of the worst things that you can get for Christmas!

Bieber haters are one of the most annoying trolls on this website.

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12 Grenade

No, not that kind of grenade, my fine chap. The one that ticks down the passing seconds and therfefore leads to a colossal explosion!

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13 A Fanboy and Chum-Chum DVD V 1 Comment
14 A Bomb
15 A High Five
16 A Box of Cockroaches
17 A Hitler Fake Mustache
18 Food Fight!
19 A Pet Spider
20 An STD V 1 Comment
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