Worst Things to Get On Halloween

Have you ever been to that house that just gave away something TERRIBLE? Vote for it here!

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1 Apples

I once got an apple for halloween and there was a razor blade that cut my tongue, I had to go get stitches. But the apple itself was really good

I wish I could vote for everything on here

Apples are lame. Especially if they have a razor blade

They are good for throwing haha that's about it - Sabbath

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2 Toothbrushes

Hey lets see here instead of giving teeth cavities I'll help them not get cavities. That's what we call a small victory.

My dentist probably does this

That happens to you guys too? - Cheddar

One time I got potatoe chips

3 Raisins

I hate dried fruit for Halloween, but raisins are the worst.

4 Pretzels

If you're talking about warm pretzels, I'd call warm pretzels Halloween gold. But hard pretzels on the other hand... - Turkeyasylum

Simple solution melt a piece of plain chocolate and coat your pretzels - Ilyas678

But I like pretzels! D: - Wolftail

5 Granola Bars
6 A Justin Bieber CD

They should give these out at haunted houses; nothing scares people more than a Justin Bieber CD.

This is more terrifying than walking into an abandoned cemetery at Halloween day

That's the only thing that would scare me on Halloween

Wow. Didn't think I'd see him here. on this list

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7 Cat Food

Voted because it made me laugh - CameronBinder

8 Fake Teeth
9 Green Beans
10 Ebola

You can't give someone disease.


The Contenders

11 Peanut Butter
12 Sugar Free Gum
13 A Rock

I got a piece of gum, I got a quarter, I got a rock.

I was surprised to see that this hadn't already been added. Doesn't anyone watch "Charlie Brown"?! - Kevie16

You could have a collection!

14 Nothing

My friend said these words of wisdom," It doesn't matter how muck candy you get, it matters how muck value the candy has." - funnyuser

15 Candy Canes
16 Almond Joy

You are kidding. Why do people hate coconut as I think Almond Joy is awesome YUM!

17 Poop
18 Yogurt
19 A Nicki Minaj CD

That would probably scare me to DEATH!

20 A Picture of Someone You Hate
21 Cheap Toys

Toys that come from kinder eggs?

22 Rocks

I would - RevolverOcelot

Reminds me of that one Charlie Brown special where one of the characters got nothing but rocks on Halloween.

What kind of mad man will give out rocks on trick or treating

23 Dog Food

I have never known a house that gives out dog food.

24 Cough Drops

I got HALLS once as a kid.

25 Drugs
26 Jumper Cables

What are these anyway!? They sound annoying

27 A Penny
28 Whoppers

But I love whoppers. Oh well some people hate them.

29 A Shrunken Head

That would scare me to death. - funnyuser

30 Snickers

What!? I love snickers

31 Razor Blade Apples

Don't worry guys it's just a myth😅uh... But if you get an apple burn it💥

32 3 Musketeers
33 Pencils
34 PayDay PayDay
35 Mounds
36 Baby Ruth
37 Baked Beans
38 An AOL CD

1000 hours free! That's not a good sign for Halloween, though. Would you rather get yet ANOTHER CD by AOL or real candy? - imacg4

39 Crackers
40 Heath Bar
41 Tools
42 Puppy

Sounds good but the puppy will miss its owner.

43 Milky Way
44 Pens
45 Pizza
46 Kitten
47 100 Grand
48 Trash
49 A Garbage Bag
50 Religious Pamphlets
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