Worst Things to Give Your Girlfriend


The Top Ten

1 Stinky cheese

I'm a guy and I can't go anywhere near the stuff. - PositronWildhawk

Everything below is awful just awful who comes up with these

I love brie and all that but a present? - jmepa123

Ok, So stinky right but I could dead in the stinky cheese and I'm jist using beautiful cheese without rats on it - Heartories

2 Cactus
3 Big Brother on DVD

That would be awful - BigBrotherSucks

4 Bee nectar

Nectar, bees are allergic to me I hate how bees give me allergies - Heartories

5 A twerk

But it can be good if it's all down her!

Girl:Are you Miley Cyrus, may I have your autogra...
Boy:I'm not Miley
Girl:Sorry I thought you were Miley, John - Heartories

6 Poison
7 Poop V 1 Comment
9 Memorial flower

Your grandma would be go in your house in a form of ghosts - Heartories

10 A giant

That's scary or he gonna step me but you need a big beanstalk - Heartories

The Contenders

11 Your personal I.D.

You can't even work if you don't have - Heartories

12 Dinosaur ring

Dinosaur is a looks like ring but it needs to be royal - Heartories

13 Package with hair products

If I have a shampoo it's too smelly but if I have spray I'm gonna slap - Heartories

14 A condom V 1 Comment
15 A tampon V 1 Comment
16 Makeup

If you wanna extra sweet, get makeup remover instead.
Just remind her frequently that she doesn't need any makeup.

17 Underwear

I'd love to see the response. - Kiteretsunu

18 A Magikarp
19 A baby
20 A toaster
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