Worst Things to Give Your Girlfriend


The Top Ten

1 Stinky cheese

I'm a guy and I can't go anywhere near the stuff. - PositronWildhawk

Everything below is awful just awful who comes up with these

I love brie and all that but a present? - jmepa123

Ok, So stinky right but I could dead in the stinky cheese and I'm jist using beautiful cheese without rats on it - Heartories

2 Cactus
3 Big Brother on DVD

That would be awful - BigBrotherSucks

4 Bee nectar

Nectar, bees are allergic to me I hate how bees give me allergies - Heartories

5 A twerk

But it can be good if it's all down her!

Girl:Are you Miley Cyrus, may I have your autogra...
Boy:I'm not Miley
Girl:Sorry I thought you were Miley, John - Heartories

6 Poison
7 Poop

Did someone even try?

9 Memorial flower

Your grandma would be go in your house in a form of ghosts - Heartories

10 A giant

That's scary or he gonna step me but you need a big beanstalk - Heartories

The Contenders

11 Your personal I.D.

You can't even work if you don't have - Heartories

12 Dinosaur ring

Dinosaur is a looks like ring but it needs to be royal - Heartories

13 Package with hair products

If I have a shampoo it's too smelly but if I have spray I'm gonna slap - Heartories

14 A condom

Dis the best thing.. because she knows it's time to have fun

15 A tampon

Oh god that's hilarious... I want a guy to give me one now lool

16 Makeup

If you wanna extra sweet, get makeup remover instead.
Just remind her frequently that she doesn't need any makeup.

17 Ticket To Justin Bieber Concert
18 Underwear

I'd love to see the response. - Kiteretsunu

19 A Magikarp
20 A baby
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