Top 10 Worst Things that Hank Hill Has Done on King of the Hill

Hank Hill may be a good guy and the voice of reason in many situations but ever so often Hank has done some very questionable things for this list we will be counting down the top worst things that Hank Hill has done on the show.
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1 Took Advantage of Khan's Bio-Polar Disorder - Just Another Manic Khan-Day

Hank convinces Khan to help him make a propane robot for Strickland's grill extravaganza and after finding out that Khan has bio-polar disorder he convinces him not take his bio-polar medication and finds out when he's manic he has a lot of energy to work on the robot however on the other side of his manic Khan becomes incredibly depressed and while Hank is concern for him he pushes him in his manic state to finish the propane robot and impress his boss and make the event a success he eventually gets Khan his medication and Khan after resting declares himself Manic and finishes the grill.

2 Forced Bobby to Smoke an Entire Carton of Cigarettes - Keeping Up with Our Joneses

After catching Bobby and Joseph smoking Hank decides to punish Bobby by forcing him to smoke an entire carton of cigarettes until he got sick believing it was a fit punishment that will make him never want to smoke but this plan backfires horribly as Bobby becomes addicted to smoking and soon after Hank and Peggy begin taking up smoking again which leads to complete disaster, though Hank believed he was in the right his poor judgement resulted in himself, Peggy and Bobby to become addicted to cigarettes and it took for Luanne to finally get them to put a stop to their addiction.

His plan certainly backfired

3 Felt Ashamed of Bobby When He Refused to Take a Beating as Part of a School Tradition - What Makes Bobby Run

Bobby becomes the longhorn mascot much to Hank's delight who embraces the idea however what nobody or even Hank tells Bobby before he tried out that it's a tradition that when ever Arlen is winning the McManerbury band charge the longhorn mascot and give him a pounding come game day when Arlen takes the lead and the McManerbury band begin to charge Bobby he understandably runs away and the next day everyone shames Bobby for not taking the beating and even Hank and Peggy are ashamed of Bobby's cowardliness at one point Hank tells Peggy during a game "If anyone yells there's Bobby Hills parents just start to look around saying where, where!" and all this because Bobby refused to let a bunch of junior high students psychically assault him as part of a tradition.

I would go with this one, as I definitely wouldn't want to get beaten up by that football team. I don't blame Bobby for running

4 Refused to Hire a Woman and Instead Unknowingly Hired a Drug Addict - Junkie Business

Hank is put in charge of hiring a new employee at Strickland's and while interviewing a woman Maria Montavio who is the most qualified for the job he is hesitant not only fearing that she might accuse him of sexual harassment but he immediately rejects her because she doesn't know football and instead hires a guy Leon solely because of his familiarity with the Dallas Cowboys and apparent love for all things propane however it becomes clear that Leon is a drug addict and as Hank tries to fire him Leon brings in a rehab group leader who states that Leon cannot be fired due to his drug addiction being considered a disability which forces all at Strickland's to make accommodations for Leon while he's in the process of rehabilitation.

This was mostly an accident, though Hank did act a bit sexist

5 Stole Dale's Mower - Dog Dale Afternoon

After being annoyed with Dale gloating about his new mower Hank conspires with Bill and Boomhauer to steal Dale's mower as a prank causing Dale to go completely insane as they send clues about the theft as well as phony ransom letters but the prank goes horribly wrong when later while Dale is doing a routine extermination at the clock tower at the Arlen community college and gets mistaken for a terrorist by Bill who ends up calling the police as the situation escalates .

6 Caused Bill to Have a Mental Breakdown - Pretty, Pretty Dresses

Bill becomes incredibly depressed around the Christmas season due to it being around the same time his wife Lenore left him and never got over it and rather then get Bill the help he desperately needs Hank decides that he and the guys keep a closer watch over Bill and prevent him from committing suicide but Bill's behavior becomes too much for Dale and Boomhauer to handle leaving Hank to keep watch on Bill, eventually Hank too becomes fed up with Bill's behavior and snaps as he destroy's all the unopened presents Bill bought for Lenore over the past years and this leaves Bill distraught Hank believing he's finally cured Bill thinks nothing of this until the next day when he sees Bill wearing a dress and starts to believe his Lenore which causes Hank to become outraged and embarrassed by Bill new behavior that he begins to shun him even uninvited him to his party which Bill still shows up to still wearing a dress as not only Hank but all the guests are mortified by this and things only ...more

It was honestly for Bills own good

7 Forced Luanne to Move Back to Her Trailer During a Tornado - Texas City Twister

For the longest time Hank saw Luanne not as a member of the family but more of a burden which is why after a bill collector shows up stating that Luanne owes six months of back rent for the trailer she abandoned after her parents got into a fight and the trailer tipped over he later confronts her about it as she explains over and ocver again that it tipped over and uninhabitable which prompts Hank and the guys to un-tip the trailer so Luanne would move out which upsets Luanne and even Peggy upset at Hank for forcing Luanne to move out when she's clearly not ready to go back but Hank insists she move out and as Luanne says her goodbyes Hank refuses to show any emotion at all towards Luanne and simply gives her his business card as it will save her 10% on all her propane needs which causes her to cry from Hank's coldness which causes Peggy to confront Hank about his coldness towards Luanne referring to him as a blockhead who is unable to express any emotion after the argument ...more

8 Forced Bill to Be Roommates with Carl Moss - Bill Gather's Moss

When Bill decides he wants a roommate Hank fearing that it will lead to disaster mainly for him and the neighborhood he demands that he have a final say in who Bill's new roommate is going and while Hank is justified in having the final say since in the past Bill has made a lot of really bad decisions but how Hank acts towards Bill in this episode is down right reprehensible he decides that Principal Carl Moss should be Bill's roommate despite Bill's objection and Hank's only reasoning for this is that Moss can pay rent which you might want to remember this for later, the two do not get along and Bill becomes so frustrated with Moss's behavior that he decides to kick him out and bring in Katie a former playboy girl who Hank had rejected earlier during an interview to be Bill's new roommate however Katie almost immediately after moving in sleeps with Moss and wants him to stay as Bill unwillingly agrees things get more out of hand when more roommates get brought in as a Russian black ...more

9 Blamed Bobby for His Truck Getting Destroyed - Chasing Bobby
10 Neglected to Buy Luanne a Plane Ticket - Happy Hank's Giving

Hank and family are planning to spend Thanksgiving in Montana with Peggy's mother unfortunately on the day they their suppose to leave on a plane Peggy finds out that Hank purposely refused to buy Luanne a ticket as he was planning on just leaving her home alone as Peggy later forces him to buy her ticket at the airport.

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11 Joined Bobby's Protest to Cover Up What Happened to Boomhauer's Car - It's Not Easy Being Green

In the episode after finding out that a new land filled will be constructed at the quarry which is scheduled to be drained as Hank is horrified as years ago he, Dale and Bill stole Boomhauer's car Sally and took it for a joy ride and accidentally drove it into the quarry, not wanting Boomhauer to find out the guys join Bobby's protest to keep the quarry from being drained and Boomhauer finding out about what they did to Sally however Bobby finds out the truth and later calls Boomhauer to come down to the quarry where he finds his car that Hank, Bill and Dale flushed out of the quarry in order to try and hide the evidence and after being confronted Hank confesses to Boomhauer what he and the guys did.

12 Was Biased Towards His New Neighbors Because They are Canadian - Uh oh, Canada

Throughout the episode Hank shows a lot of hostility towards the new Canadian family who are staying at Boomhauer's as including always referring them as "The Canadian's".

13 Blamed The Fire at the Firehouse on Chet Elderson - A Fire Fighting We Will Go

Hank, Dale, Bill and Boomhauer become volunteer firemen during a firemen strike and while out answering an alarm to put out a fire at Goobersmooches restaurant which they weren't even needed for they get another call which turns out to be at the firehouse as its been burned to the ground as the four are detained as the fire chief makes each of them go through each moment that happened before rushing out of the station Hank figures out that it was Dale who caused the fire when he plugged the Alamo Beer sign which belonged to Chet Elderson before he died and due to its malfunctioning it was a fire hazard which caused the fire that burned down the firehouse but rather then turn in Dale Hank blames the whole indecent on Chet Elderson claiming he must have plugged it in the last time he was there as the guys except for Boomhauer goes along with it even the chief as he told Chet over and over again not to plug the sign in.

14 Forced Bobby to Marry Luanne - The Wedding of Bobby Hill
15 Made Bobby Live in a Doghouse - Hank's Choice
16 Blackmailed Reverend Stroup into Getting His Seat at Church - Church Hopping
17 Made The Charcoal Ultimatum - Hank and the Great Glass Elevator
18 Trapped Peggy in a Crate - "Sleight of Hank"

Hank Rutherford Hill doesn't like magic or magicians. After going through a lot of theories, he traps Peggy in a crate, until she reveals the secret. In the end, he lets her out. Lest they be late for church.

19 Cut Off Dale's Finger with a Circular Saw - The Texas Skilsaw Massacre
20 Said Oil Was Better Than Propane - Life: A Loser's Manual
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