Top 10 Worst Things Hansi Kürsch May Tell You, Based On His Lyrics

Lyrics from both Blind Guardian and Demons & Wizards
BG - Blind Guardian
D&W - Demons & Wizards


The Top Ten

1 "At the end you must die" - Battalions Of Fear, BG
2 "Yes, they're coming for you" - The Throne, BG
3 "You will shet and dwell in pain" - Noldor, BG
4 "All hope's lost, it can't be undone" - Nightfall, BG
5 "We all drown in the fifth dimension" - The Ninth Wave, BG
6 "You're insane, I'll show you" - Another Stranger Me, BG
7 “I'm your lord, I will bring terror, I'm a demon in disguise” - Crimson King, D&W
8 "You're cursed, You're damned" - Otherland, BG
9 "(You) can't escape from my damnation (Nor) run away from isolation" - Noldor, BG
10 "You shall be damned" - Time Stands Still (At The Iron Hill), BG

The Contenders

11 “You are betrayed” - The Throne, BG
12 “Well, let's face it here it now: you're not welcome you should know” - Down Where I Am, D&W
13 "I don't want to hold you, I don't want to see you" - Down Where I Am, D&W
14 “The Holy Ghost can't save you anymore, Your soul's condemned to burn in Hell, Damned for all time” - Poor Man's Crusade, D&W
15 "Welcome To Dying" - Welcome To Dying, BG
16 “There's no way out, you'll find out” - And Then There Was Silence, BG
17 “Your journey's over” - The Holy Grail, BG
18 “Oh Majesty your Kingdom is lost” - Majesty, BG
19 “Get him off the throne, moreover he's not in control no longer" - The Throne, BG
20 "Come play the song of death" - Thorn, BG
21 “High's the fee” - The Eldar, BG
22 “The Crimson King's eye is the mark to reveal you are mine” - Crimson King, D&W
23 "Don't mess with the master of fate" - A Dark Passage, BG
24 "I arrived. Revenge be mine!" - The Curse Of Fëanor, BG
25 “Lock the door, don't let me in, I am the one, your destiny”- Time What Is Time, BG
26 “Look into my eyes, feel the fear just for a while” - Time What Is Time, BG
27 "Burn them all, bring the damned! Do as I command!" - The Ninth Wave, BG
28 “Turn your head and see the fields of flames” - And Then There Was Silence, BG
29 "I'll dare you, come out, you coward, now, it's me or you" - Time Stands Still (at The Iron Hill), BG
30 “I've been the herdsman, you've been my sheep” - Guardian Of The Blind, BG
31 "We're both caught in agony" - Winter Of Souls, D&W
32 "My madness you will follow" - Tear Down The Wall, D&W
33 "Mind your steps, We are uninvited guests, They may find and catch us" - Otherland, BG
34 "Give it to me, I must have it, precious treasure" - Into The Storm, BG
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