Top 10 Worst Things to Happen In the 2016 New Year Countdown

A list of ridiculous things to surprisingly happen in the countdown.

The Top Ten

1 The fireworks burn your house

Imagine if the fire setters accidentally set the fireworks early and burns your house down. What a bad 2016

2 The TV breaks down

Especially if you are at second 49 and you end up counting too fast so it isn't actually 2016 when finished

3 You die of excitement

What a crazy way to die but still very bad

4 Your pet bear kisses you and bites you

Well the bear accidentally kissed you early and you would have to go to the hospital not knowing its 2016.

5 The English countdown you listen to is actually in Sydney

Most likely you would have to wait another 9-22 hours before its your turn

6 Your clock malfunctions

If it goes too slow than you would be celebrating new year 2016 too late, and worst of all, if it goes too fast you end up celebrating 2016 when it's only 2015

7 You fall asleep in the middle of the countdown
8 Your mom forces you to do chores in the middle of the countdown.
9 Your pet dog drags you out of the room
10 Your parents fall asleep

Then you would sadly have to count down on your own and couldn't kiss anybody

Are you kidding this would be awesome

The Contenders

11 You miss out on watching the countdown
12 Steve Harvey proclaims the wrong year

I could see him pulling out the card and saying: " it Is officially 2058! Oh wait, my sources are telling me it is 2016... My bad"

13 Celebratory gunfire accidentally shoots you

This has been known to happen. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

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