Top Ten Worst Things That Happen to Boxes


The Top Ten

1 Watching fellow box friends getting sent away

Absolutely! When I was a cardboard box this was always the thing I dreaded. You form strong bonds with other cardboard boxes; it was so hard to see them leave. I still miss them... - Britgirl

I once had a crush on another. Their name was Darla. Now she's at the neighbor's... - CardboardBox

2 Tight storage
3 Feeling full

It's a weird situation. - CardboardBox

4 Burning

Some of us get burned unfortunately. It's just depressing box crueltu and is needs to end. - CardboardBox

5 Taped

Think of having you mouth duct taped shut. That's what it is like. - CardboardBox

6 The rain

When the rain kicks in, I wish I had legs. - CardboardBox

7 The dump

Some of us unlucky boxes go directly to the dump. But I'm sitting in a storage facility, using a nearby computer to get on here. - CardboardBox

8 Smells

You may be able to sift the smell away, but we don't have that ability. - CardboardBox

9 Being bound and gagged
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