Worst Things to Happen in an Exam


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1 You stress out and your mind goes blank

Always me. - HufflepuffGeekGirl

That’s me - Randomator

2 You run out of time

I hate that - Randomator

You know we’re running out of time!
Never pick up when you owe me
Now I gotta draw a line -Halsey, Now Or Never

3 That one question you didn't study for comes up

Oh man I hate that! - TheFourthWorld

Or worse the one question that wasn’t on the review shows up - Randomator

4 Your pen runs out of ink

That happened with me but fortunately my friend helped me by giving her pen - Sugarcubecorner

5 The exam hall is boiling hot
6 You need to go to the toilet

Ugh! - HufflepuffGeekGirl

7 The school creep stares at you for the whole exam
8 Someone keeps doing smelly farts
9 You randomly burst out laughing

At school, I always think of funny things and randomly start laughing.

Almost happened to me in my English GCSE - someone at the very back let rip a HUGE fart I heard loud and clear from the front row. I would have lost it if it didn't stink out the whole exam hall for five minutes straight! - Entranced98

Teacher-Go for a walk
Me- But I just laughed
Teacher- Yeah but I don't give a crap - B0S5J4M3S

10 Your desk is wobbly

The Contenders

11 The fire alarm goes off

That happened once.

12 Someone keeps kicking your chair

I'd smack them in the face with my ruler if there weren't a hundred invigilators pacing up and down. - Entranced98

I know, right!

13 Someone starts copying you

Yikes, this is annoying. It's never happened to me in a real exam, but once someone who was failing copied me in a test and all of a sudden got a good grade AND a good report for the class. - Entranced98

This happens to me a lot.

That's called teamwork - styLIShT

14 A school massacre happens

Damned School Shooters messing up my exams, ugh.

Highly unlikely.

15 You pass out

I always feel like this is going to happen to me this year...A2 Biology is such a nightmare! - Entranced98

16 You forget your Scantron form.

So, sometimes in college you're required to bring your own. My first semester I inevitably forgot mine once. Had to literally run across campus to get one.

17 When your brain cells explode after reading a hard question
18 You get a migraine
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