Full-fledged List Analysis: Worst Things That Can Happen to You in Middle School

NuMetalManiak This list was actually one of the first lists I viewed in TheTopTens. It was made 8 years ago. IN 2010. Well before I made this account I found this list and hell, why not analyze this one?

1. Someone hurts you physically and YOU get in trouble for it.: This is still at the top of the list after all these years. It's rather unfortunate when a faculty member thinks you are the one attacking the other person and you are the one with more injuries.
2. Justin Bieber visits your school and sings: Back then, this item wasn't that far up the list, but now it is #2. Okay, I will say it again, but the Bieber hate is horribly outdated and it's surprising he hasn't become irrelevant yet.
3. You get bullied all the time: And then the #1 item is in place. Yeah, thanks faculty.
4. Getting Expelled: Should NOT happen unless you are really really dumb.
5. Getting a C or below: This is bad regardless of whichever school you're in.
6. Getting an F- on your final exam: Now this really shouldn't happen. If it does, you just threw away everything you studied and it's your fault.
7. Watching your crush kiss someone you hate.: This is why I don't want a relationship entirely.
8. School shooting: As undisputed as it is, I'm surprised this one wasn't on the list 8 years ago. No other comments needed.
9. Poop yourself in class: You better hope this doesn't happen. This is why you eat light breakfast and light lunch.
10. All of your worst enemies gang up on you and beat you up: I don't know if this actually ever happens.
11. Going to the bathroom during a fire drill: Again, a problem anywhere. As long as its a drill though. If it was a REAL fire...
12. Your crush tells you they hate you: Then they'll be with a total jerk. If that's how they want to be seen, then congrats to them.
13. Your best friend dies in a car accident on the school bus: A lot of these aren't really worst things that can happen to "you" moreso than they happen to other people.
14. You get your period and have to explain to your male teacher why you are late.: This is one of the older items I know of. But a male teacher probably took some sort of health class so they would know.
15. It is Pizza Hut day for lunch at school and you forgot your money: That's your fault.
16. You get food poisoning from the cafeteria food: Okay this isn't your fault. But who would do this?
17. When you realize your crush only pretended to like you: GOLD DIGGER, okay maybe not, but still a traitorous snake.
18. You have to be The Flower Fairy Princess in the school play.: Here's another old item, one that was actually #2. Also unless you actually are in drama class this shouldn't happen.
19. You have to repeat 6th grade: Well then don't fail your tests and everything in class.
20. You get harassed by others: Can refer to students, faculty, or even parents.
21. When you ask your crush out... and they say no: Gee, a lot of these are crushes.
22. Being bullied in front of your crush: See what I mean?
23. You get pants'd right down to your private parts in front of a big crowd of people: Bullying is bad.
24. Someone pulls the fire alarm when you're going to the one class of the day you share with your crush: This isn't entirely bad.
25. When someone says "I don't know", the teacher gets mad, so we all have to take a quiz: What teacher does this?
26. You have an erection and the whole class sees: It's not that hard to hide.
27. People keep erasing the stuff you write on the board.: BIG DEAL
28. You are doing a group project and all the girls in your group want to make everything girly.: Making it girly usually isn't gonna award the group any brownie points.
29. You fall down a massive flight of stairs and break your elbow: Well your other bones are fine. Also how many stairs are in your school?
30. A guy is trying to sharpen a mechanical pencil: HA. No one is dumb enough to do that.
31. Idina Menzel stops buy and sings Let it Go: Yeah, worst that can happen to YOU. Why are you offended by singers.
32. The girl next to you at lunch is listening to Hannah Montana on her iPod loud enough you can hear and she won't stop.: They don't allow music at lunch.
33. You're daydreaming in class and the teacher calls on you and you have no idea what the question was.: Teachers should stop calling out inattentive students. That's why students hate teachers.
34. Someone posts a list on TheTopTens about your middle school and you're not even in the top 100: These types of lists don't happen anymore and for good reason,.no one remembers who they are.
35. Get caught wanking: Um, do it at home then?
36. You're listening to dubstep on the bus and high schoolers yell at you to turn it off: Wait, middle schoolers and high schoolers shouldn't be on the same bus. Something's off here.
37. A bully beats you up, you try to fight back, and only you get in trouble for it.: What do you know, #1 is back.
38. A guy next to you listening to Justin Bieber music and you could hear it and he wont stop: He's trolling you because you put this item on this list.
39. A boy hands you a note and it is sexual: How hard is it to ignore these people?
40. You fart in front of your crush: More crush items.
41. Being kicked in the privates.: That is both physically and mentally scarring.
42. You accidently spill liquid over yourself so it looks like you wet yourself: Because the immature kids think it's pee when you clearly say it's water.
43. You get your period while wearing white pants.: I didn't know white pants were a fashion thing back in 2010.
44. You get your period in the middle of class and it bleeds through your clothes and onto the chair.: Geez, puberty can hit hard.
45. When your "inappropriate" ringtone rings during class: It's your fault for having that ringtone in the first place.
46. Lose Best Friend because an idiot took them: Can you please be more specific.
47. A sewer pipe breaks in the ceiling and floods the room: Well that's bad. On the plus side, your class is cancelled.
48. You get in trouble in front of your boyfriend: For what?
49. You get in trouble for cursing at someone who really deserves it: Middle school: where the worst people are treated the best.
50. Getting homework every period in your agenda: Toto, you are not in elementary school anymore.
51. Being new at school: Basically 6th grade or transfer student.
52. Letting someone borrow your pencil and never getting it back: They are always snitching your supplies just because they don't know how to prepare or their parents don't allow them to prepare.
53. Your teacher gets her period in the middle of class.: So this ties in with surprise quizzes and overall teacher anger?
54. You get locked outside: Hard to judge. You try to run away and you are considered skipping school. You try to get in and they STILL think you are skipping school. Thanks to school incidents and shootings, high security makes everything harder.
55. You do something really embarrassing and everyone (including your crush) gets to know about it and you're made fun of everywhere!: Was it you who did it? Then it's your fault. Otherwise, if it isn't, uncover the truth and take vengeance.
56. Every one in your class tries to get you kicked out of the class including the teacher: Why would ANYBODY in a classroom want to do that. Why are you so HATED?
57. Coming Into Class Late and Everyone Stares at You: In college, nobody actually cares if you're late. True story.
58. When a group of girls have a disrespectful conversation about you and you hear it: Gossipers are the worst.
59. Your teacher puts on Sanjay and Craig: Again, people are triggered by cartoons. Wait, does your teacher like them?
60. You're late for your period and get after school detention: Stop being late.
61. When you are listening to Black Veil Brides on your iPod really loud in school and a teacher tells you to turn off the stupid music: Well Black Veil Brides isn't good music anyways. Also they don't really allow music in my schools.
62. When your phone rings in class during a test: It's called not bringing your phone. Also they will confiscate phones anyways since it's against school policy to even have one.
63. Your crush said you are ugly: They are uglier.
64. Telling your teacher you have to change your pads: A lot of period-related items.
65. Someone says something they thinks funny about you and it becomes your nickname: They need to grow up.
66. You die during class: Well this really should be #1.
67. You forget your locker number: Especially considering that middle school REQUIRES YOU TO PUT STUFF IN LOCKERS.
68. Barney comes and sings I love you to your class: Yeah, where do you people get this stuff from?
69. You get in trouble because you started your period: At this rate, middle school teachers should honestly expect this.
70. You go to an all boys/girls school and you don't see your crush anymore.: Well change your sexuality.
71. You spill your food at lunch: This is why I bring my own.
72. You have to sit with girls and work with them: This isn't bad.
73. You have enemies in almost every grade..: JUST LIKE ME.
74. Your love letter to your girlfriend gets stolen by some jerk and he tapes it onto the Notice Board: Weird way of getting embarrassed.
75. Someone asking you for the answers for homework: Usually should happen when the teacher isn't looking.
77. Get put in detention when you want to be with your mates: Why though?
78. Retaking math tests: Middle school math isn't that hard.
79. Throwing Up In Front of Everyone: That will actually get you detention, I think.
80. Being shoved off a bench and someone records it: Why though.
81. Getting Caught Goofing Off During a Fire Drill: No one is doing this.
82. Your Enemy Punches You In the Face and You Fall Down In Front of Everyone: This isn't funny to most people.
83. Someone from across the room sends you a sexual note and the teacher makes you read it out loud to the class: Almost half of this list are scenarios from people's nightmares that never actually happen.
84. Tripping in front of everyone: And who cares?
85. When your crush catches you staring at them: That's actually good unless you've been staring at them for too many minutes.
86. When you can't play any sport in gym without getting humiliated: The reason why people think PE sucks.
87. You accidentally call your teacher "Mom" and everyone makes fun of you for it: I have never seen this happen. One guy in high school did it as a joke and no one cared anyways.
88. Everyone in your school being dumb except you: Why else do you hate people.
89. Getting depantsed while wearing nappies: Depantsed isn't a word. And why would you be wearing diapers.
90. Someone starts making fun of you, you defend yourself and get in trouble.: And #1 strikes again in a different wording.
91. No classes with your crush: Well too bad.
92. You turn into a mess whenever you see your crush: Okay, I get it.
93. Getting a detention for popping a kid's balloon: It took me awhile, but I realized that popping a plastic bag or a balloon makes a sound that people think is a gunshot. That's why people get in trouble over it.
94. Someone annoying always wants to be with you: It's usually the ugly nerdy people.
95. Your crush ignores you: Because they want a jerk.
96. Farting during an awkward silence: How hard is it to hold it.
97. The younger kids act like total douchebags towards you: They get influenced by cool stuff and forget what their elementary school teachers told them about.
98. Kids asking you who your crush is: What kinds of kids?
99. Some dork throws your pencil into the bathroom of the opposite sex and doesn't give it back: This is an old item. And you should have more writing utensils.
100. Some idiot takes your stuff, throws it into your least favorite teacher's room and runs away: People shouldn't be throwing things in other places.
101. You get asked out by a guy who you've never met: They like you. Try to like them.
102. Friends putting water on your chair: You have to inspect your chair before sitting on it.
103. Parent teacher meetings: I'm surprised I didn't do any of this.
104. You tripped in the bathroom and fell in the toilet when all your friends are there: More nightmarish scenarios that never happen.
105. You pee your pants in front of people in the cafeteria.: DO ANY OF THESE ACTUALLY HAPPEN.
106. Fall asleep in class: Well I would if it was boring. Shouldn't usually get people detention unless the teacher is strict.
107. Having bad breath cause you didn't have time to brush your teeth: Why, your parents forcing you out the door already?
108. People moving the table while you're trying to work: Doesn't happen.
109. Falling over: Over what?
110. In exams it's all quiet and your stomach rumbles: Now THIS is actually bad. Maybe the breakfast wasn't enough that day, but having to hear your own stomach rumbling during something quiet tends to accentuate everyone's attention.
111. Your best friend has an obvious crush on your crush but you let them go for him and you stay back to be a good friend: Not bad at all.
112. Getting Locked In The Bathroom: According to the comment, this happened on a field trip. Yeah, they don't lock bathrooms in schools.
113. When you get in trouble on Friday the 13th: CAN YOU KIDS STOP HAVING DUMB NIGHTMARES.
114. Bad mouthing a teacher and find them right behind you: Yeah I can see this one actually happening.
115. Test corrections: Are bad if they are evaluated by peers or something.
116. When literally every girl in your grade has a boyfriend and you're STILL single.: What's wrong with being single.
117. You're asked out by your guy friend you hang out with everyday: Well, he is a friend, why friendzone him?
118. You get called a nerd: So?
119. You get homework in every class when you have fun plans after school: I wonder how many kids do their homework.
120. Being called ugly: That's their opinion.
121. When your teacher calls on you when she knows you don't know the answer: If she knows you don't know, that's bad.
122. You get diarrhea on the bus: Hopefully this doesn't happen, since the time period from lunch to getting out is pretty big.
123. Pass out in math class: Why specifically in math class?
124. Getting caught masturbating in the boy's locker room: WHY ARE KIDS MASTURBATING. I NEVER SEE ANYONE DO THIS.
125. Wearing the wrong shoes to P.E. class: No big deal as far as shoes go.
126. Falling during your graduation ceremony: They don't have those in middle school.
127. Your friend threatening to tell your crush you like them if you don't do what they want you too: That's not a friend.
128. Vomiting in front of everyone: Again, this probably would get you detention.
129. Not being in dress code: Screw school uniforms.
130. Peeing your white pants in class: What is it with middle schoolers and white pants? These pants shouldn't be popular.
131. Boyfriend breaks up with you: While half of this is nightmarish scenarios, at least one-third is relationships.
132. Your trunks come off in the swimming pool: We don't have those in middle school.
133. Getting backstabbed by your crush: Or anyone.
134. Being pantsed outside in February while wearing briefs: Not even a one in a billion chance of this actually ever happening.
135. Kids stealing snacks: If they aren't able to afford food, I can understand.
136. Someone owns you in a rap battle: Rap battles between the "cool kids" are dumb.
137. You're forced to watch Tentacolino: Are we really going here? No one has actually seen this movie.
138. Tornado Warning During School: I am 100% certain that crouching in hallways isn't going to work to protect from a tornado.
139. In the bathroom you see two kids having sex in the stalls: Don't watch.
140. A lesbian asks you out in front of a crowd: Good for them.
141. You get an erection: Already on here I think.
142. You are forced to watch the Kinder Egg Man: Again, there is NO CHANCE this will happen.
143. You can't decide between Band and P.E: Um, you can decide not to be in band at all.
144. You fart really loud during class: Seriously, it's not hard to hold it.
145. Your sister embarrassed you in front of your crush saying, you still used diapers at age 8: Good thing I never had a sibling.
146. Your crush moves away: Too bad.
147. Your crush gets sick and dies: Too bad, again.
148. When you are going up a grade and you don't have anyone from your last class: What if you hate most of the people in your previous grade?
149. Someone spreads a rumor that you still watch Fanboy and Chum Chum: There's always people talking about cartoons.
150. Having Baby Got Back for you ringtone and someone calls you during class: IT IS YOUR FAULT FOR HAVING THAT RINGTONE.
151. When someone asks if you and your crush are dating and they say no immediately: To be fair, maybe they do like you but don't want to admit it in front of that someone either.
152. Your best friend acts like a jerk: Not a friend.
153. You forget your backpack at home: That's truly bad.
154. Someone's phone rings and it's a Justin Bieber song: Well at least you can control YOUR ringtone.
155. Your teacher shows you a video in health class: How many times have you watched Super Size Me in health class?
156. Truth or Dare going wrong: No one should be playing this anymore.
157. Getting scolded in front of everybody in class: Stop misbehaving and maybe it won't happen.
158. Just got finished taking a dump and you realized there's no toilet paper left: ALWAYS LOOK. It will save you the trouble.
159. Getting dumped in front of your friends: No one likes giggling.
160. Everybody in the school swears, but suddenly when you swear you get in trouble.: That's why you look before you say.
161. You pee on your chair during an exam: Shouldn't happen.

Ah, a classic list, some of the items I recognize. On the other hand, many of the scenarios described are things that NEVER HAPPEN and are usually things kids dream of. Also the crush ones, this is why I don't have any relationships in middle school, due to the fact that you're probably not gonna see memorable people from then on.


At my school people ask number 98 all the time. Makes me sympathize with anyone who may he asexual - TwilightKitsune