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21 When you ask your crush out... and they say no

That happens to me every time I ask out a girl. I wish they can say yes god I'm not the best looking guy in my class but I'm one of the most popular and the class clown - Awesomedogg

This happened to me recently. I really like this boy in my class whom I was also casual friends. I finally worked up the courage to ask him out and he said "can we just be friends? ". Ever since then my life has been getting worse and worse. I'm depressed, I can't concentrate on anything anymore, I'm pretty much faking my way through a friendship, I've tried to run away and kill myself multiple times. I still like him but seriously - how could he do this to me?

Happened to me too god I got mad at myself for her not liking me

Aww this must hurt :'( Well I'm lucky that my crush didn't care who he dates. I asked him out, & he said 'yes'! Anyway, this must hurt. If that ever happened to me (which I thought it would with my crush), then I would kms.

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22 Being bullied in front of your crush

I seen this happen b4 he was so defensless nd the lady said behind his back :what a whimp" that's why he dropped out "i'm so sorry 4 you Willy" - SmoothCriminal

Wow, this is why my mother taught me that you always sand for yourself. Which I didn't need to learn from her, I would've known, but still.
That would suck.
Really, for you victims out there, I am truly sorry for you. I'd love to help you, but I can't since I don't know you at all... Very sorry.

It is happening a lot lately. She tries to help out, but nothing ever works. In gym I slapped him in the face and yelled at him saying, DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH PAIN I HAVE BEEN THROUGH IN MY LIFE!? I have been through a lot lately. My dad just got diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. I will ask her the question one day.

They would feel sorry for you. - PeeledBanana

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23 You get pants'd right down to your private parts in front of a big crowd of people

Ouch. Unless you're brave enough to show them, it would be HORRIBLE! - booklover1

I have actually been through that in my language arts class... I got pants by a girl too everybody wouldn't let go of that for WEEKS

That happened to me once my cousin was horsing around and I guess he actually pulled my underwear and the people I was talking to we're disgusted and laughed and even worse ONE OF THEM WAS MY CRUSH!

Someone pulled my pants down back in 1st grade and I was in the CAFITERIA! Meaning the entire 1st grade looked at my balls. I cried and a teacher escorted me to the bathroom.

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24 Someone pulls the fire alarm when you're going to the one class of the day you share with your crush

I pulled it so I could tell him I liked him. He kissed me! Best day ever! And we got let out early!

This happened to me I was sad

I have 3 classes with him so I wouldn't really care

Will now u can chat with them without a teacher nagging at u for a few minutes

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25 When someone says "I don't know", the teacher gets mad, so we all have to take a quiz

That SUCKS! In 6th grade my Science teacher was like--

"Okay, you, what's the formula of speed? "
"Uh... I don't know."
"Get out your pencils and a clean sheet of paper and write down what you think the answers are on the board, this counts as your grade by the way."

Like... really? - AeropostaleWolf

And they punish everyone, even the people being as silent as possible. - Garythesnail

Happens in elementary school too

Teacher: what is a literary device
Student: I dunno
Teacher: k quiz time if u fail u gotta go back to kindergarten

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26 You have an erection and the whole class sees

Some guy pulled a girls pants down and I got a 4 inch erection it is was crystal clear. Since everyone was looking at the girls butt only a few people laughed at me.

Trying to tuck it in and then the kid you sit next to is like. This kid got hard!

I swear to god. This one kid can't keep it in. He's always just sitting there with a big pointy down there and just sits there where everyone can see it. - username34

Only guys know this struggle though...

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27 People keep erasing the stuff you write on the board.

What? I was just practicing writing
Metallica and AC/DC logos and showing everyone and this dork erases it. Jerk. - MegaToolica

Man, I'm drawing some awesome Adventure Time art, and some douchebag comes over later and erases it. I swear, that gets me mad.

I was drawing adventure time too, and they thought it was so funny to erase it

That rage though.

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28 You are doing a group project and all the girls in your group want to make everything girly.

EWWWWWWWWWWWWW! I am a total tomboy. I couldn't last a day with girly girls! Except for my best friend. So far I've only taught her how to play B-ball and to burp. From: The Girl who's NOT girly.

I've got a friend who's a total tomboy too... And I'd be willing to bet that she is more of a tomboy than you. - Minecraftcrazy530

This has happened... Oh how I hate my project! We were doing a project on Colorado and mines had loads of crap all over it! Glitter, glue, pom poms, and pipe cleaners everywhere! All the other projects had state related stuff and were 1000000times better!

Sometimes I wish I wasn't a girl. I mean, I want to be because I don't want to be a boy, but girls just make everything super girly and gross. I mean seriously, I was in a group with this bully and she was like, let's at glitter and rainbows! And I was doing all the actual work so I just looked at her and said, no and walked away with the project. The top reason all my partners are boys now, lol. Sports for the win!

If I get paired up with girly girls it just comes out a mess of pokemon drawings and glitter

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29 You fall down a massive flight of stairs and break your elbow

This happened to my friend he was in the medical wing for the rest of the day(4 hours) - Lord28

30 A guy is trying to sharpen a mechanical pencil

Yeah, because the extra lead in there is just for decoration. - Garythesnail

YOU CAN'T SHARPEN A MECHANICAL PENCIL! Plus it makes a really annoying sound.

Imagine going to school in a crappy town in a state nobody cares about! This town happens to be Benton, Arkansas, which isn't exactly the educational capital of the world. Imagine how many times this would happen! - AngryByrd

Well, it's Arkansas anyways. The state is filled with hillbillies so you don't say. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

That's almost as stupid as asking someone "Why are you left or right handed? " - PeeledBanana

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31 Idina Menzel stops buy and sings Let it Go

I swear to god if this happens in middle school, I'm going to stab someone! - kaitlynrad11

That song is so old. I think if I hear it one more time, I will become deaf.

If this happens I will kill myself. That song is so old and annoying!

I would stab
her and piss on her corpse - coolguy101

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32 The girl next to you at lunch is listening to Hannah Montana on her iPod loud enough you can hear and she won't stop.

I drowned it out with Metallica, but I ran out of metallica so I changed it to Megadeth, Tool, AC/DC
and more. - MegaToolica

This would be terrible. I have to say though, the comment above me is brilliant

We had to show presentations about ourselves in front of the class, and you had to show everyone your favorite song. 2 or 3 girls favorite songs were The Best of Both Worlds, and we had to listen to that crap. - Popsicles

This wouldn't bother me.

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33 You're daydreaming in class and the teacher calls on you and you have no idea what the question was.


This has happened to me a lot because I have mild ADD so I have trouble paying attention in class

Happens all the time with me. In especially boring classes I usually watch an episode of Madoka or Sailor Moon to pass the time but then a teacher will be all like "Anya! Do you know the answer to this question? " and I'll be all like "Noo I don't know". And then the teacher gets all mad and sends me out of the class and then I go sit behind the water tanks or whatever - SugarcoatShadowBolt

Yup I hate it when this happens. But this can happen in elementary school as wrll.

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34 Someone posts a list on TheTopTens about your middle school and you're not even in the top 100

There isn't a top 100...

This confuseS me.

What the hell


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35 Get caught wanking

Whoever posted the comment that says what wanking is, thank you.

Why would you do masturbate during class like at least wait until you get home because that is nasty

What kind of person would do this at a school?!?!

My best bro caught me and said our little saying to each other "Ya filthy Wanka! " And the teacher heard and we both got detention for three days because of that. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

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36 You're listening to dubstep on the bus and high schoolers yell at you to turn it off

Replace dubstep with Vocaloid, and that's my life. :(

You don't understand that it's just electronic metal

I do the same, only I listen to hard rock and metal. - AngryByrd

Rock and metal. Dubstep is ok... but go with rock

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37 A bully beats you up, you try to fight back, and only you get in trouble for it.

Teachers always think the bully is OH SO SWEET. But she thinks you're the opposite. Teachers always jump to conclusions.

I hate that it's bull

38 A guy next to you listening to Justin Bieber music and you could hear it and he wont stop

justin bieber sucks, and his fans don't have
taste in real music

I named this moment baddest music Moment ever in class - SmoothCriminal

I HATE JUSTIN BIEBER! If this ever happened to me I would drown it out with Drowning Pool, Korn, and Dissturbed

I would take whatever the music was playing off of, and throw it out a window.

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39 A boy hands you a note and it is sexual

Hell yeah so embarrasing and when you try and tear it up but the teacher is like oh so and so has something to share with us.

Boys have stared at me in my bikini, some creepy guy hugged me, and now THIS? I'm scared! - mayamanga

Some one was passing notes when we switch so I come back and there are notes in my desk exactly like that and I'm all like CRAP gatta throw this away but shred it first so they don't blame me. Thank God no one thought it was me

This one kid said he liked my boobs and told me to bend over... - Popsicles

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40 You fart in front of your crush

Just try and make it silent

This kid in my class did that ( he really liked me) it was obvious, but I am a tomboy so I laughed and said nice one

Lol, happened to me, the guy dealt it, but we both laughed. It was pretty funny

Tip: Say, " Who farted? "

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