Worst Things That Can Happen to You in Middle School

All of these have happened to me.
I am so glad I am home-schooled now.

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81 Someone from across the room sends you a sexual note and the teacher makes you read it out loud to the class

Never happened to me but it would be so bad

Gosh I hope to doesn't happen to me

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82 Tripping in front of everyone

This happened to me in grade 5 my class was playing soccer and I tripped over the ball and my crush laughed at me and pulled me up

Always happens this one time I face planted and ripped the bottom of my shoe in gym

My classmates are very loyal so they help me

As in having an acid trip? (Sorry) - SirSkeletorThe3rd

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83 When your crush catches you staring at them

, it's so embarrassing when your crush catches you looking at her, and then you turn away fast and make awkward gestures with your hands and stuff.

I caught my crush staring at me and I went bright pink, and the whole class turned around staring at me but now most of my crushes friends know that I like her

I almost had that SpongeBob face from "Boating Buddies" for a minute there. - Garythesnail

This happened to me like, 6 times. He's officially creeped out. - Popsicles

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84 When you can't play any sport in gym without getting humiliated

I am REALLY good at some sports. I'm fast, I can throw, I can catch, and I can hit and kick. But for some reason, I suck at P.E. everyone yells at me FOR NO REASON even when I'm not doing anything wrong.

At the beginning of the year we did volleyball. I can hit and aim very well, but for some reason the ball kept going out of bounds.

We then did kick ball. Whenever I was playing outfield and I was about to catch it, this idiot ran into me EVERY TIME I tried to catch it. The first time it happened my head hit the floor and my legs hit each other and I could barely walk, but I was able to tolerate it. THAT IDIOT RAN INTO ME ON PURPOSE EVERY TIME. When it first happened, I was in shock. Every one was in shock. The worst part? HE WAS ON MY TEAM!

After kickball, we did soccer. I couldn't tell who was on my team and who wasn't, so I basically stood there until we moved on to the next sport.

Hockey was next. It doesn't snow where I live, so we used plastic hockey ...more

The only sport I play is swimming. When I play a sport I know how to play (not fully though I only know the basics) I go beast mode and act all military. whoever offends me I will get vengeance on them

My school never does the sports I like! Its always dancing and netball and never football or dodge ball!

I was playing football and someone decided to intercept my throw, I literally ran at them and kicked them at the spot that ain't fun for them, and I'm a girl.

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85 You accidentally call your teacher "Mom" and everyone makes fun of you for it

It's even worse if it's a male teacher.

I called the male principal mom before.

I called a 6th grader mom before... - SirSkeletorThe3rd

I called my 5th grade teacher grandma. - Lucretia

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86 Everyone in your school being dumb except you

Laugh out loud. This is me - N64Dude

Every one is talking like dumb asses, then you speak proper English... PRESTO! You're now considered stupid.

Yeah, this was pretty annoying.

That kid in both sicenes and math. Is doing stupid things. And some of my friends and and other people hates him. Thank gosh he got reported.

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87 Getting depantsed while wearing nappies

Underwear for babys

What are nappies?

88 Someone starts making fun of you, you defend yourself and get in trouble.

I don't understand how Kidd get in trouble and teachers went though the same thing and they act like it never happened to them.

Teachers just don't understand.

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89 No classes with your crush

I have 3 classes with one of my crushes. - Pegasister12

I only have 1 class without my crush.

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90 You turn into a mess whenever you see your crush

This happens to me EVERY TIME I see my crush! Ugh!

Yes I stutter and can't talk its scary

91 You die during class

Happened last week. So annoying!

Ugh! Happens to me ALL THE TIME!

This happens all the time

That would be a cool place to die... maybe the teacher will be improsened for overworking you? - Lucretia

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92 Getting a detention for popping a kid's balloon

This happened to me lol😩

93 Your crush ignores you

Hate it when this happens...

94 Farting during an awkward silence

We were taking a test, and I walked over to my teacher to hand her my test. On my way I felt like farting. I thought it was going to be a silent fart, but I was wrong... You can probably imagine what happened next.

This happened to my friend before...

Happened to some boy in maths class, everyone laughed, luckily it wasn't a smelly one. Just a loud and odourless. Someone once did an SBD and everyone was gagging.

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95 The younger kids act like total douchebags towards you

Exactly what happened at the end of year 6. Will that idiot Mal (not his real name). have 10 IQ eventually. He should respect his elders, the year 4 bitch - coolguy101

96 Kids asking you who your crush is

Ye... - Lucretia

97 Some dork throws your pencil into the bathroom of the opposite sex and doesn't give it back

I had nothing to write with that day... - MegaToolica

98 Some idiot takes your stuff, throws it into your least favorite teacher's room and runs away

I hate it when this happens.


99 You get asked out by a guy who you've never met

I have a story pretty similar to this.
This guy in my Science class (that's my only class with him) asked me out just after 8th period. He's like-
"Hey Sasha, will you go out with me? " Right in the middle of the hallway with teachers listening and everything.
I'm like.. NO! Only because I hardly knew the kid. -_-
Could he not have asked me outside or at lunch? - AeropostaleWolf

So far I've been asked out by multiple sixth graders (my grade) a few seventh graders and one eighth grader. I said no to all of them. They would have hated my personality

Plot twist: You're a guy also

This happened to me twice on my first day of seventh grade. Didn't help that I was on my period 😏

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100 Friends putting water on your chair

Thank God this never happened to me

I did this to my brother once and he complained how his underwear were wet. It was not at school though - Lucretia

I did this to a friend in 5th grade. I was quite the prankster. - Pegasister12

Same who ever said the top comment.

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