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101 Parent teacher meetings

I always think to myself this note whenever we do it "oh my god man we are gonna be caught he's gonna tell my mom I was like swearing or something or doing graffiti or failing oh my god it's gonna happen I just know even though I don't really do those things except failing on my god"

I usually behave but my misbehavior is caused by anger but I kinda like it

I almost got abused because of my End Times prophecies that I, in Christ's name, proclaim in school

I bet my teacher will tell my parents to punish me and send me to a survival island. - Captaincrunch2015

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102 You tripped in the bathroom and fell in the toilet when all your friends are there

What people think of this: Tripped on something on the floor and fell into a toilet

What I think of this: Had an acid trip and put your face in the water thinking it will protect you from the dragon in the mirror - SirSkeletorThe3rd

That would be nasty. Even more nastier if the turd was in your mouth!

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103 You pee your pants in front of people in the cafeteria.

Laugh out loud in 4th grade, I really had to go pee, but luckily at recess I peed and somehow my sweatpants "absorbed" it and it was a good save

Lucky me I got to a charter school so we don't HAVE a cafeteria. We eat in our homerooms. - ShyGuySwag

This happened to me in kindergarten. - Pegasister12

This happened to me in 2nd grade but nobody noticed

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104 Fall asleep in class

It happens. I almost fell asleep a few times in my English class. She talks to much! - LittleLovelies

Nother one that happened in my elementary school. But it was my frikkn ADD medication that made me. I somehow made it though art (who would want to sleep through that? ) and passed out during math... Still a bad idea. When I woke up I had to make up the math assignment while everyone got to watch a movie 😢

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105 Having bad breath cause you didn't have time to brush your teeth
106 People moving the table while you're trying to work
107 Falling over
108 In exams it's all quiet and your stomach rumbles

Yep. It starts to make that dying whale sound. Happens to me. - Pegasister12

I was sitting next to my crush too! He was like "are you hungry, Orr"

Ugh I hate this one! In every class I had, some point there was this silent moment, and my stupid stomach rumbles!

Yah it always happens no matter what I do

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109 Your best friend has an obvious crush on your crush but you let them go for him and you stay back to be a good friend

Laugh out loud in 5th grade my best friend was best friends with my best friend, who is a girl, and he kept one upping me, like on a MAP or what ever you people call it, I got 248 which is amazing but he got 251 and I was like nooo but in 6th grade we stopped talking and hanging out with me and my friend. But some times she says "heyy" to me, which my fine with.

One of my best friends had a crush on the same girl as me (well mine was later) but she ended up being a dick (according to him which is halfway true) so he gave up on her

This is even more okward when it's the friend who you have a crush on

110 Getting Locked In The Bathroom

Haha! This happened to me and my friend at a field trip and we were stuck in there for like 2 hours until someone heard us saying "HELP" We missed half of the trip - VanHalen

111 Throwing Up In Front of Everyone

We share a bathroom with another class ( awful, right? ) and a guy from the other class was barfing in the toilet and yelled in pain, " I'M THROWING UP! " And the kids in my class had the nerve to LAUGH at the poor guy. How would they feel if they were him?

Yeah, this happened to me. It was in the cafeteria, and I threw up and a few people were looking at me like "woah". Then, the next day (I went home that day), I heard someone squatted over it to make it look like they took a big crap.

This happened to me in 4th grade during a test. In dead silence... The teacher led me out of the room and I got to stay home the rest of the day. - AeropostaleWolf

I'm so blessed this never happened to me! I remember this girl did it. Lets just say kids can be cruel.

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112 When you get in trouble on Friday the 13th V 3 Comments
113 Bad mouthing a teacher and find them right behind you

I called my 4th grade teacher a bad word in class three years ago, and wouldn't you know she was right behind me. My jaw dropped. I was scared. Who is this teacher, a stalker? This monstrosity of a teacher called my parents, where I REALLY got it.

This happened to a kid in class before. He got a detention. LOL. - Pegasister12

Ahh... The most funniest if it isn't me..

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114 Test corrections

If it seems easy, you're doing it wrong. - Pegasister12

It doesn't bring up your grade. And at my school I have to tell why I got it wrong. I mean what's up with that?!

It was only for half credit too! - Lucretia

They just don't want it to be easy It's A TEST
Second of all sometimes it doesn't matter if your grade is really low - Anonymouscat

115 When literally every girl in your grade has a boyfriend and you're STILL single.

I never looked for a boyfriend because I kinda thought it was stupid to have a boyfriend when you're twelve years old. Besides, all the boys in my class were really stupid laugh out loud

Or every boy having a girlfriend. In my school, guys apparently have to be perfect-looking, perfect at sports, or a total immature idiot to be attractive. I hate middle school. - Garythesnail

I'm the total opposite of what I need to be to have a girlfriend! Guys need to have ZERO acne, designer shoes, and need to be on the football team! In case you didn't know, I have TONS of zits, old worn-down shoes, and I'm the third worst on the cross-country team!

Everyone has to be perfect, beautiful, and popular! They can be a**es but still get guys while I'm ugly, invisible, and single.

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116 You're asked out by your guy friend you hang out with everyday

I didn't like him at all that way it was so awkward

117 You get called a nerd

This has happened to me at least 15 times. And guess what? The people who called me a nerd ended up failing middle school, while I nearly have straight A's!

This is a compliment for me. I can use my mental strength to my advantage

What happened to me I said thank you for saying that I'm smarter than you

Uh, yeah jocks. U aren't going to be Johnathan Thurston with those grades while I am pulling Nintendo out of debt. - coolguy101

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118 You get homework in every class when you have fun plans after school
119 Being called ugly

I never been called ugly but why would someone do that I will think it but I wouldn't say that out loud

Yes happens to me few times a week but I don'tcare I am who I am and I like me

In 6th garade this girl is calling my hair ugly. She should just zipit.

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120 When your teacher calls on you when she knows you don't know the answer

This happened to me and everyone laughed in 8th grade. - Lucretia

Happens a couple times

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