Worst Things That Can Happen to You in Middle School


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141 You are forced to watch the Kinder Egg Man

What are the chances of this happening - MrMonkey

I would teleport into the T.V. and crack his head and say who wants scrambled eggs? - Captaincrunch2015

142 You can't decide between Band and P.E

Don't do either. - Lucretia

143 You fart really loud during class

It happened when I was in second grade... I was so embarrassed!

144 Your sister embarrassed you in front of your crush saying, you still used diapers at age 8
145 Your crush moves away
146 Your crush gets sick and dies

Who just gets sick and dies, unless it's a big heaslth issue - Lucretia

147 When you are going up a grade and you don't have anyone from your last class
148 Someone spreads a rumor that you still watch Fanboy and Chum Chum

That moment when the rumor's true

149 Having Baby Got Back for you ringtone and someone calls you during class

Lol to be honest I'd start singing along and dancing like #YOLO don't judge

Who puts that crap as their ringtone? - Lucretia

150 Someone annoying always wants to be with you V 1 Comment
151 When someone asks if you and your crush are dating and they say no immediately

This happened to me a few days ago we were at a hockey game and we were playing bloody knuckles and we stopped and looked and all our friends were staring at us so one of our friend's friends said, "Are you two dating or something? " And he said no immediately.

Lol I was sitting across from my crush at the lunch table and someone said "you guys should date" and he was like "no, we're just friends. Right? " And I was like "yea... 😢" It sucks. It really does.

152 Your best friend acts like a jerk
153 You forget your backpack at home

Happened to me... it was hard - Lucretia

154 Someone's phone rings and it's a Justin Bieber song

Is this that bad, theyll get a detention or their phone taken away... - Lucretia

155 Your teacher shows you a video in health class

Happened to my brother Gavin... - Lucretia

156 Truth or Dare going wrong
157 Getting scolded in front of everybody in class
158 Just got finished taking a dump and you realized there's no toilet paper left

Happened to me. Luckily the janitor came in 10 minutes later - SirSkeletorThe3rd

159 Getting dumped in front of your friends
160 Everybody in the school swears, but suddenly when you swear you get in trouble.
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1. School shooting
2. All of your worst enemies gang up on you and beat you up
3. Someone hurts you physically and YOU get in trouble for it.
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3. You get bullied all the time
1. Getting Expelled
2. Going to the bathroom during a fire drill
3. Someone hurts you physically and YOU get in trouble for it.

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