Top 10 Worst Things to Happen to Sandy Cheeks on SpongeBob

The Top Ten

1 Having Her Fur Stolen (Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy)
2 Pressured Into Taking Her Helmet Off (Pressure)
3 Teased for Being a Squirrel (Squirrel Jokes)

Well actually it was SpongeBob who started the Squirrel jokes which causes everyone to start making fun of Sandy and even after Sandy tells him to lay off the squirrel jokes SpongeBob continues to make more squirrel jokes though she does get him back in the end.

4 Mutated Into a Krabby Patty Zombie (Krabby Patty Creature Feature)
5 Hit by a Car (Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy V)
6 Her Tree Dome Destroyed (House Sittin' for Sandy)
7 SpongeBob and Patrick Ripped Off Her Fur to Keep Warm (Survival of the Idiots)

After the duo find themselves trapped in Sandy's treedome during winter do to the door being frozen they attempt to keep themselves warm by ripping off chunks of Sandy's fur while she's still hibernating shortly after doing this it becomes spring and Sandy wakes up as the pair panicked try to thaw out the door and escape before Sandy finds out but of course she sees them wearing her fur then sees herself and is horrified that they have left her completely fur-less, she does punish them in the end.

8 SpongeBob and Patrick Stealing Her Rocket (Sandy's Rocket)
9 Nearly Deported (Chimps Ahoy)
10 Was Arrested (Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy)

The Contenders

11 Flea Outbreak (A Flea in Her Dome)
12 Having Her Science Awards Confiscated (The Krabby Kronicle)
13 Cut Off from Oxygen Supply (Bubble Troubles)
14 Led on a Wild Goose Chase (Shopping List)
15 Having Her Tail Stolen from Her by the Worm (SpongeBob, Sandy, and the Worm)
16 Mr. Krabs Cutting Down Her Tree for Bottle Competition (Surf and Turf)
17 Having Her Home Destroyed by Mr. Krabs So He Can Enter It in the Bottle Contest (Surfs Turf)
18 Not Being Aloud to Do Karate by Mr. Krabs Just Because SpongeBob’ Took It Too Far (Karate Choppers)
19 Killed (Ghoul Fools)
20 Submarine Destroyed (It Came from Goo Lagoon)
21 Having Her Tree Dome Destroyed and Going Feral (Feral Friends)
22 Her Home Invaded by Fleas (A Flea in the Doom)
23 Having Her Black Belt Stolen Because SpongeBob Failed (Way of the Sponge)
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