Worst Things to Ever Happen In Soccer


The Top Ten

1 Accra Sports Stadium Disaster (Ghana) - 2001

That is terrible

2 Port Said Riots (Egypt) - 2012
3 Kayseri Atatürk Stadium (Turkey) - 1967

This was a soccer riot that turned into something more like a full-blown gang battle. - FrankP

It was pretty tragic, but kind of hysterical too. - NerdyPweeps

4 Lima Soccer Riot (Peru) - 1964

The 1964 Tokyo Olympics qualifier game between Peru and Argentina, held at the Estadio Nacional in Lima, Peru, was the scene of a violent sporting tragedy when a fatal overreaction by the authorities led to the deaths of over 300 soccer supporters. - FrankP

That most have been horrible

All of that just for Olympics

5 Heysel Stadium Disaster (Belgium) - 1985

About an hour before kickoff, Liverpool fans broke through a fence and attacked Juventus supporters. The Italian fans retreated, but there was a wall behind them, which soon collapsed. The retaining wall collapse killed 39 people and hurting hundreds more. - FrankP

Liverpool is the wrost

6 Buenos Aires (Argentina) - 2007
7 Burnden Park Disaster (England) - 1946

At Burnden Park, a game between the Bolton Wanderers and Stoke City was taking place when a wall collapsed, crushing spectators and starting a stampede which killed 33 people. More than 400 others were injured. The crowd was more than 85,000 people. The tragedy was thought to have started when some 20,000 fans locked outside broke down the gates and forced their way in. - FrankP

8 Ibrox Disaster (Scotland) - 1971
9 Luzhniki Disaster (Russia) - 1982
10 Puerta 12 Tragedy (Argentina) - 1968

The Contenders

11 Hand of the Lord (Argentina) – 1998

Really it's calle Hand of God in which Diego Maradona scored with his hand and everyone on Earth except for the referee saw it. - ketchup

12 Hillsborough Disaster (England) - 1989

This should at least be in 3rd

13 David Busst's career ends (England) - 1996
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