Top 10 Worst Things to Happen to SpongeBob


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1 Fired from the Krusty Krab (SpongeBob, You're Fired)

That was stupid of Mr. Krabs, all because Krabs wanted a nickel, which proves his greediness and carelessness towards characters.
This also happened once in Karate Choppers, and SpongeBob was a crybaby because of Krabs. - Gregory

2 Became an insomniac (In-SPONGE-iac)

He was creepy and the worst part was at the end when Mr. Krabs forced SpongeBob to cry mustard tears on the patties. - Gregory

3 Dried up (Tea At the Treedome)

This was as close as we got to seeing SpongeBob(and Patrick) die(along with on the 1st movie).
Remember to always stay hydrated. - Gregory

4 Stage Fright (Oral Report)

He was having a really hard time, though it got better in the end. - Gregory

5 Upstaged by Jim (The Original Fry Cook)

Jim was really mean to SpongeBob, he should be on the list of villains for the way he treated him. - Gregory

6 Turned into a Snail (I Was a Teenage Gary)

Pretty creepy enough that it was a good follow up scene after the original Halloween episode Scaredy Pants. - Gregory

It was worse for Squidward than SpongeBob. - Gg2000

7 Le Spatula (All That Glitters)

Le Spatula was really evil and ruined SpongeBob’s career in this episode. - Gregory

8 Getting stuck in the wringer (Stuck in the Wringer)

Patrick was really mean to sponge bob after getting stuck in the wringer, and the way he “solved” SpongeBob’s problem was forever glue, which only made it worse, and this condition ruined SpongeBob’s career and caused massive chaos to people and property at places.

Yet there was a fight, and SpongeBob wallowed all alone because of PATRICK!
At the end though they cried, which appeared to wash the glue off, leading to the infamous “moral” that crying solves problems, which is wrong and immature.

This episode SUCKED! - Gregory

9 Everyone telling him he was selfish (Stuck In The Wringer)

Everyone hurt SpongeBob's feelings and made him feel bad for himself.
In fact, he ran back inside his home and wallowed. - Gregory

10 You're just a kid (The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie)

Mr. Krabs really made SpongeBob upset to the point of depression. - Gregory

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11 Locked out of his own party (Party Pooper Pants)

It’s pretty upsetting to be locked out homeless and miss a fun time.
Yet worse when he got arrested for not inviting the police. - Gregory

12 His splinter aggravated by Patrick (The Splinter)

Once SpongeBob got a splinter at the Krusty Krab from falling down, Patrick impersonated a doctor for the 2nd time, and hit SB’s splinter with a hammer.
Which made it big and full of pus, which was so gross especially for children.
The real doctor in this episode was Mr. Krabs, showing his nice side rather than his greedy and evil side. - Gregory

13 Treated horribly by everyone (Whatever Happened to SpongeBob?)

That was horrible the way every character he loved called him an idiot boy, which made SpongeBob cry and leave Bikini Bottom. - Gregory

14 Getting shot down & then gets his pants taken (The Sponge Who Can Fly)

The Bikini Bottomites were selfish, it was their fault. - Gregory

15 Squidward Reads SpongeBob's Diary (Little Yellow Book)

Squidward exposed SpongeBob reading his diary and depressed him, and he got hate for it, and in the end Squidward didn’t apologize to Spongebob.
At least in Fools in April, Squidward apologized in the end, but in this, he didn’t even do it.
It shows you how much SpongeBob’s gone downhill lately. - Gregory

16 Getting sunbleached (Sun Bleached)

He got sunbleached from a tanning bed that Patrick set up after seeing that tan lifeguard at Goo Lagoon.

Yet when Spongebob said he was done being tanned, Patrick just left, like he doesn’t care what SB said.

And at the end, there was a shin dig and they had giant UV lamps set up, turning them sunbleached.

Sunbleached is their play on sunburned and this episode was awful because it taught kids to tan themselves in the sun as well as tanning beds, which not only eventually leads to sunburn, but increases the risk of skin cancer.
Therefore this episode promoted cancer! - Gregory

17 His suds aggravated by Patrick (The Suds)

In the episode Suds, SpongeBob came down with the Suds and Patrick became a “doctor” and plugged up his pores, which only made it worse without SpongeBob realizing.

At least Sandy told Patrick to be arrested for impersonating a doctor, and thankfully, Hands gave Patrick the perfect punishment. - Gregory

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1. Getting stuck in the wringer (Stuck in the Wringer)
2. Everyone telling him he was selfish (Stuck In The Wringer)
3. Became an insomniac (In-SPONGE-iac)
1. Fired from the Krusty Krab (SpongeBob, You're Fired)
2. Dried up (Tea At the Treedome)
3. Became an insomniac (In-SPONGE-iac)


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