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The introduction of Jar Jar Binks

Jar Jar was a misunderstood character who was supposed to be a secret sith lord or someone serving the sith. Look up the Darth Jar Jar theories on YouTube and it makes a lot of sense. This theory has been confirmed by one of the people behind the prequel movies. Jar Jar was supposed to be Count Dooku playing as an ideological opponent to Yoda. Jar Jar was introduced poorly so people did not get the full picture of Lucas was going for.

Is it wrong for me to say that I actually like Jar Jar? Keep in mind that I was a kid when 'The Phantom Menace' came out in theatres and Jar Jar appealed to my child-aged self. My continual liking of his character is primarily sentimental and nostalgic and can not be helped. If I watched the movie for the first time today I'd probably hate Jar Jar with a passion.

I understand what you're saying. For a long time I loved Jar Jar too. But at some point I guess I grew out of it, and saw ar Jar for what he really was.

This unappetizing, annoying, unintelligent, and stupid-looking character ruined the prequels. If he wasn't in them, the prequels (Episode 1 especially) the prequels might have been really good (Let's not to say Revenge of the Sith was boss! )

If only Jinn had left him get run over by the multi troop transport, imagine the pain we could have all been spared from.

The release of Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones

Episode 2 was even worse than episode 1, in my opinion. There is nothing relevant to the overall story in this one, aside from introducing the clones. And even THEY don't matter that much in the plot.

I agree. I thought this movie was a lot worse than Episode 1. I was actually surprised to find out that almost everyone hates Episode 1 and considers it the worst in the franchise. I actually really like it (except for Jar Jar, but whatever).

If you ask me, this is the only truly bad film in the Star Wars saga. It seems as though everything they did in this film was a huge fail. In my own personal opinion, this is and forever will be the worst thing to ever happen to Star Wars.

It has some problems, and the romance scenes are uncomfortable, but it's still enjoyable and watchable. I'm not saying it's the greatest Star Wars movie but it is still well-done.

The release of George Lucas's special edits

sorry, but HAN SHOT FIRST. I'm probs the biggest fan of star wars and this is the only thing that really gets to me!

Many of these edits are actually very good additions but the majority of them are pretty awful. Jabba the Hutt looked more realistic as a puppet than he did as George Lucas's CGI version of him. The terrible and weird alien singers in Jabba's palace are incredibly annoying and unnecessary. And of course, how could we forget Han not shooting first!

While some of them were warranted, there are a notable number of them that absolutely mutilated the films.

SO annoying! And totally unnecessary! You're crapping on a masterpiece, George.

The release of the Star Wars Holiday Special

I have only watched about ten minutes of this film, and for the first time in my entire life, I have actually had to turn something off because it was too cringy. While this film is easily worse than any other film made in the star wars universe, it's this low as it isn't canon and we really don't have to worry about it.

Guys even George Lucas admits that this was the worst Star Wars film. Now that's saying something if the creator of the Star Wars films doesn't even like the holiday special.

Well, it's become obscured and has only been watched by bored die-hard fans, anyways. Not like it's everywhere.

Makes The Phantom Menace looks like The Empire Strikes Back

The death of Darth Maul

Darth Maul did not die in the Phantom Menace, he survives the fall and spend the next 10-15 years on Lotho Minor, a giant trash dump. He gets his leg replaced with giant metal spider legs. He becomes normal again and takes his brother Savage Opress as his apprentice. He deeply wanted revenge on Kenobi and Palpatine. Palpatine then killed Savage but Maul survived. Later Maul becomes the leader of the shadowy organization Crimson Dawn. He then continues his search for Kenobi with help from an unwitting Ezra Bridger. 2 years before A New Hope Maul find Kenobi on the planet with two suns. Maul and Kenobi have a conversation on Tatooine. After Maul learns Kenobi is protecting Luke, the key to destroying the Sith, Kenobi lights his lightsaber, after three strikes, Maul was killed. He passed away saying: "He will avenge us", referring to Luke.

I think a lot of people will agree with me when I say that Darth Mauls death in the first film is a huge mistake! Imagine how much Obi Wan would have grown if he constantly had to face maul, also known as THE GUY WHO KILLED HIS MASTER AND CLOSEST FRIEND, throuought the prequels. It would have been amazing to see, but alas, George Lucas decided to kill him off at the end of The Phantom Menace.

Great silent villain, would have preferred he depart alive, so we knew the threat was still there

REST IN PEACE MY BABY BOY! *actually dies in rebels cartoon*

The scenes with Anakin and Padme's romance

These are so uncomfortable as hell. Usually when there a romance scene I turn away and try not to look because it horrible. Romance is just awful by itself

I heard an interview somewhere where Lucas said he thought they had "great" chemistry. I'm sorry but, he's a nerd who wouldn't know good chemistry if it bit him in the butt.

I hate sand. It's rough, irritating, and it gets everywhere!

They were incredibly bad in Attack of the Clones but they were a bit better in Revenge of the Sith

Disney buys the Star Wars franchise

Disney, how dare you buy Star Wars. This movie was owned by 20th Century Fox.

The irony was that Disney boosted the Marvel franchise, but could not get the Star Wars sequel trilogy to be as good as the original. Although I will admit, The Force Awakens did get the most hype out of all movies in 2015 and was not as bad as I thought.

Disney probably gunna buy Rockstar Games next. A part of me died when I heard about this. I didn't believe it, but looked on the internet and saw it was true. RIP That One Part Of Me.

Rian Johnson.
Should not have envisioned the new trilogy as stand alone films. Should have been one team of writers and the same director throughout the new trilogy. Let Johnson go do his indy films and hats the end of that.

The acting of Hayden Christensen

It's not that Christensen is a terrible actor, it's just that his average talent, on top of George Lucas's terrible writing made Hayden Christensen one of the most hated figures in Hollywood history, and ultimately a curse upon the face of Star Wars.

He is the worst actor of the last 15 years or so, and these were the movies that gave him his shot. While I understand Lucas' dialogue can be unreadable at points, that doesn't excuse how bad Christensen is an actor. No emotion in his delivery whatsoever and he is utterly flat as a result.

I think he significantly improved in Revenge of the Sith

I think I agree with you. I really don't think he is at all a bad actor, I think he is average. But because he was riding off of George Lucas's terrible script, he ended sounding so horrendous

The Star Wars the Clone Wars actor played Anakin better. Jake Lloyd played Anakin better.

The acting of Jake Lloyd

give him a chance, he was only a kid. I mean, not any more, but still. I feel sorry for him

I do feel really bad for Jake Lloyd, mainly because I do feel like he had potential. But I'm sorry. If you think that there weren't better child actors out there than you are fooling yourself. Think about the kids from the show "Stranger Things". They are all phenomenal!

I don't think Star Wars should have told us what darth Vader's life was like as a kid. I feel sorry for jake Lloyd because episode 1 was the reason why he stopped acting. He also said that the movie ruins his life.

His acting is over-hated, in my opinion. He's your typical child actor. No better and no worse, if you ask me.

The rise of prequel haters

The worst group of Star Wars fans are by far the ones that are constantly hating on the prequels. Episode 1 has problems that you can overlook and Episode 3 is one of the best in the series. Do not hate on all of the prequels because George Lucas made some, albeit large, problems with them. The way that they treat these films makes Star Wars harder to enjoy.

Meh I don't dislike all of the prequels. I actually liked The Revenge of the Sith, but the other two did have some good parts to them. In the first prequel there was Qui-Gonn, Darth Maul, and the introduction of Mace Windu. Those were upsides to The Phantom Menace (probably the only upsides to The Phantom Menace but still). Then Attack of the Clones had Ewan MacGregor introduced into the Star Wars universe and once again Samuel L. Jackson. Though those were probably the only upsides to Attack of the Clones. Again I only really liked the third one as a whole and even that had some problems. Yet most of the prequel haters act like the prequels are the worst films ever. No, excuse me have you even seen The Last Airbender. There literally cannot be a worse movie than that one.

Prequel and Sequel haters are so rude and they see one little problem in the movie and crap all over it. Literally they don't like the Star Wars Franchise to be expanded upon and just want to have Star Wars confined to the little Information actually given in the Original Trilogy.

They (we) were a necessary part of re-directing the franchise in a better direction. Fans need to speak up when they're dissatisfied with something they're passionate about.

I am not talking about people who are critical of the prequels. I think we all have our criticisms. I am speaking of the people that "hate" on the prequels. The problem is that the prequels were not all bad! Episode three is the second best film in the entire saga! But because people are so biased about the prequels it constantly gets thrown under the bus, and they treat people who like the prequels like children. In my opinion, it becomes very difficult to enjoy the films at all when people are constantly screaming "terrible movie! " in my ear.

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The death of Han Solo

I'm sure Harrison Ford might've wanted to stop playing Han Solo.

He did. He even asked Lucas if Han could be killed off in Return of the Jedi. Of course Lucas said no, but I don't think he wanted to portray Han in The Force Awakens either.

It was a necessary (and significant) moment that helped boost Episode VII's success as a legitimate Star Wars film, if you ask me. When you give fans something to talk about you're doing something right (in most cases).

It should be first.

Whoah! Number nine?! It wasn't that bad.

The release of Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens

I didn't mind the movie. But killing the EU was a terrible mistake because the Thrawn Trilogy is better.

If I had one word to explain this film it would be lazy. It can be argued that in the last jedi rey isn't a mary sue shes just over powered. In the force awakens shes a mary sue its not a statement but its really a fact. For example rey is able to resist mind tricks from the sith even though she didn't even believe the sith were a real thing only a couple days before that. Rey finds the millennium falcon on a random desert planet and she just so happens to know how to fix it quicker then the man who has used it for decades. Rey can beat kylo ren even though again she didn't know the sith existed only a couple days before. I could go on but you get the point its lazy.

Oh gosh no! The force awakens was a brilliant film and addition to the saga! Why would you submit this?

I'm sorry but this was just a more Tumblr-friendly rehash of "A New Hope"

The introduction of Rose

She's not the worst character introduced in Star Wars, but I think She's more of a background character that was made a main character without much personality or motivation that contributes to the story. I know it sounds aweful but background characters remain background characters for a reason.

I honestly feel so bad for Kelly Marie Tran. Yes, we did not like Rose but it isn't fair that she is getting so much hate.

The release of Star Wars: Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

Why do so many people hate this movie as much as they hate Attack of the Clones? The plot of this movie was okay and the characters were also okay. This movie wasn’t the best, but it was alright. Maybe you hate this movie because of Rose, or you are just a toxic original Star Wars fan. Please stop the hatred to this movie. It wasn’t that bad.

This movie is hands down the worst thing to ever happen to Star Wars.

This is by far the worst film in the franchise. The plot is messy and disjointed, there are no characters worth seeing, there are no interesting Ideas, the comedy sucks, Admiral Holdo and Rose suck, and the ending sucks.

I didn't care about any of the three arcs that made up this film. Rian Johnson really screwed up the process of filmmaking when he tried "Subverting expectations".

How is this not #1?

This movie single-handedly destroyed the entire Star Wars saga. Rian Johnson should never be allowed near anything Star Wars related ever again. There are no words that can truly do justice to the damage this movie has done. It's a Shakespearean level of garbage that has done irreparable damage. It's just sad what this did to Star Wars.

The production of the Phineas and Ferb crossover

I guess it wasn't horrible, but Phineas and Ferb and Star Wars are two very amazing things. It should have been better.

I can't believe Disney had the nerve to do a crossover with one of the most revered franchises of all time with one of the worst cartoon television series in history. It merely makes a mockery of Star Wars and what made it great in the first place.

You're right. Phineas and Turd was horrible, and it was a huge mockery to Star Wars. I hope the creators of Phineas and Turd see this and take their show off air.

Yeah, That Crossover Sucked

The main characters dying in Rogue One

This was in my opinion a very good thing about the film, and it shows the sacrifices and pain that many went through to bring us to a new hope.

One of my biggest complaints about this movie

Rogue One was boring

Ty for spoiling

The death of Carrie Fisher

You know this should involve real actors dying too. and
Carrie's death was the Worst thing to happen to Star Wars in history
Kenny Baker,s death, the guy who did R2D2, was tragic too, but Carrie's almost broke the media.

You know this is about to, not in, so reality is involved too.
And No one will EVER forget her death, it was the worst death in 2016, and she was the greatest Star Wars actress who ever lived, and he had a tough life, yet even going through all the tough times, a heart attack isn't something even she would EVER go through.

This NEEDS to be Number One!

Will she have a replacement in episode viii?


Truly Sad

The rise of sequel haters

In spite of how bad Prequel haters are, it wouldn't be fair to call them out without calling out the sequel haters. These are the fans of the original trilogy who aren't willing to accept anything that isn't made the way they want them to. These are usually fully grown men.

I wasn't saying that the all fully grown men who like Star Wars are sequel haters, I was just saying that the vast majority of sequel haters are fully grown men who saw Star Wars as kids and won't allow anyone to build on it.

I enjoy all the star wars films, some more than others of course, but I hate it when I meet another fan and then they say they only like one or two films and can't watch the others. How can they call themselves a fan? Without at least appreciating all of it?

The sequel haters don't care how good anything after 1983 is if it isn't the ot they don't like it. They have no respect and can't enjoy the sequels for what they are. "OH HAN SOLO DIES I MUST GO CRAP ON MY FAVORITE FRANCHISE."

They were ok

The release of Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace

You mean the new fandom, it's a kids film.
I didn't even know who Anakin Skywalker was because I had never seen any of the original movies before The Phantom Menace because I had no interest in them, I didn't know Darth Vader's real name, I didn't know it was Darth Vader when he was little. My uncle got me a video tape of The Phantom Menace because he thought I would probably like it so I watched it.

Honestly, while it had minor problems, Phantom Menace was quite good and I find it more enjoyable than A New Hope (I'm so sorry)

In spite of Phantom Menace not being perfect, I am actually very grateful for Episode 1 as it lead us to so much expansion in the Star Wars universe.

I don't like sand. - Star Wars

I don't like sand. It's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere.

Get this in top ten

Not like you...

The release of Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope

I hate trolls.

Actually, that was the best thing, it started the existence of Star Wars, and that means the Original Trilogy to you.

Idiots got onto the list.

His is stupid. This movie was the original that started it all. Who would ever call it bad.

Mace Windu dies in Star Wars Episode 3

This is the most embarrassing way to die, he literally takes forever to talk to Darth Sidious as if they're having a cup of tea then Anakin comes in and stands there, talks for like 1 minute and finally Mace does the swing but his arms get cut off by Anakin oh and he also falls off and dies. There are literally so many ways Mace's death could be prevented he could have either killed Darth Sidious ASAP if that didn't work then when he falls off use the force using his one arm left to jump mid-air to another building. Like seriously Mace you're cool and all but that just wasn't cool

I'm not mad that Mace Windu dies so much as I am mad about the way he died.

Anakin Skywalker turning out to be 3PO's creator, in the Phantom Menace

Honestly, this isn't a big deal... I never found a problem with this and I don't know why everyone craps on it

I think one of the problems is that Anakin, this small child, would never have been able to programme 6 million languages into his head. How many languages could Anakin speak? Two. THis is just a theory though, there probably is a way around it - VaticanCameos

The destruction of Anakin's face

Yeah it was beautiful and they destroyed it! Couldn't you destroy every thing else but save the face seriously!

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