The Last Jedi Has the Worst Scene in Star Wars History! (SPOILERS)

MegaSoulhero In case you’ve been living under a rock, the latest Star Wars movie came out this past weekend. I even did a review of it. Despite being praised by critics, it’s been getting mixed reactions from audiences. There was one particular scene that a lot of people agree is very dumb. And I’m gonna talk about it. And in order to talk about it, I’m gonna have go into spoilers.

After Rey leaves the island that she found Luke on when finding out that he was the one who made Kylo Ren become evil, she goes to confront Kylo Ren and Snoke. As Kylo Ren is about to kill Rey, he ends up using the Force to ignite Anakin’s lightsaber that is laying right next to Snoke and uses it to kill Snoke. This was infuriating! The Force Awakens introduces us to this character and all we knew about him was he was a scary dude who controls Kylo Ren. That’s it. I thought that maybe they would give us more information about him either in this movie or the next one. Like, how did meet Kylo Ren? Where did he come from? How did his face end up the way it is? These things would’ve been good to know. Instead they decided to keep his identity a secret and not tell us anything about him. And it’s unlikely that they will give us info about him in the next movie since they killed him in this one!

This is the problem with changing directors during a trilogy! J.J. Abrams set all these things up in TFA and it would’ve been nice to have them further explored. But then Rian Johnson comes in and throws all of that out the window and makes his own movie. Another example of this would be Rey handing Luke the lightsaber. A question people had in TFA was how Maz got the lightsaber. Something that Luke should’ve questioned was how Rey got the lightsaber. Instead he just throws it over his shoulder and walks away without saying anything. In TFA, we saw Snoke and wanted to know what his backstory was. We’re probably not gonna get that now! I knew he was gonna die eventually, but I thought it would happen in Episode 9. NOT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE TRILOGY!!! Luke Skywalker’s death at the end was much better. As predictable as it was, it was done very well. And this might not be the last time we’ll see him as he might appear as a Force ghost in the next movie. And at least Luke had his moment to shine before being killed off. Snoke literally did nothing! And he’s not the only one who met such a sudden demise! Phasma who was underused in TFA was also underused in TLJ! She had one pretty cool fight scene with Finn and then she falls into fire. The trash compactor I can understand being able to get out of, although it was never explained how she got out of there, but there is no way she was able to survive falling into fire unless she’s able to pull a Pepper Potts from Iron Man 3. The point is, most of the things that happen in this movie shouldn’t have already happened! It already feels like a conclusion despite there being one more movie in the trilogy! Again, the thing that bothers me the most is Snoke’s death because we literally know nothing about him!

The Last Jedi is such a disappointing movie! I liked it, but it pretty much ruins what was set up in the previous film! Snoke’s death is easily the most infuriating scene to be put in any Star Wars movie. There are still a lot of unanswered questions. Hopefully we will get answers in the next film.


I wasn't really angry at that scene, but I was a little confused. Like how did Snoke NOT sense Kylo Ren about to kill him. - Phillip873

Is it bad that I'm not excited for Episode 9? Is anyone actually excited for the Han Solo prequel? - TristGamer

Not me. Han Solo getting a prequel is yet another waste of time like Rogue One. - DCfnaf

Yeah, gonna have to agree with you here.

I thought it was cool how Snoke thought Kylo was gonna kill Rey, but every single thing he said was gonna happen to her ended up happening to him instead.

But here's why this is such a big problem: We never found out who Snoke really was. Why did he exist to begin with if they were just gonna slaughter him out of existence? It also makes no sense considering Snoke can supposedly read Kylo's mind. If that's the case, how was he able to kill Snoke? How come Snoke didn't stop him? Either this question will be answered in the next installment to the franchise, or this will always be a major flaw with the film.

Ngl, I kinda liked this movie. It wasn't anything spectacular or PHENOMENAL like the critics were saying it was, but it was pretty enjoyable to me. - DCfnaf

That is a little bit overreacting
The prequels exist
The bit with Anakin and Padme talking and Anakin saying "I don't like sand" is so ridiclous - iliekpiez

Really, Snoke was generic in TFA. In Legacy before the movie starts I want a short about him. - iliekpiez